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“Meeting” women per se, can happen just about anywhere you go. For instance you can meet women at the café, on a walk at the park or even at your local grocery store. Sounds simple enough, since both men and women share the same planet and the list of possible scenarios where one might encounter a person of the fairer sex are really endless. However, the truth is that, just because you went to the store to buy milk and saw a pretty lady there, it doesn’t mean that she would be interested in getting to know you. For this you have to go to places, where women go to meet men. It is when you are at these places, that you have a better chance of really “meeting” women.

These places include your local clubs and bars where it goes unsaid that just about anyone who comes in isinterested to meet a person from the opposite sex. However, just because you strike up a conversation with a woman at one of these places, it doesn’t mean that you will get lucky that night. In fact, most women may find this attitude downright insulting. So the bottom line is, if you go to these places to meet women, don’t do it with any preconceived notions or expectations. In such situations, it’s always best to play it by the ear and you might actually find something a lot more meaningful than a one night stand.

Another great place to meet women is at the workplace. Although office romances are generally not encouraged in some work environments, there is a certain thrill attached to seeing someone who works in the same office. However, it’s best not to get too adventurous especially where your company prohibits such alliances. Another downside to meeting and dating your colleagues is that if you tend to date women mostly from work, then you may end up being labeled as desperate by your female co-workers.

Apart from the abovementioned usual places, there is a plethora of unusual places where you can meet women. Although, these places may not be something you hear a lot about, it maybe because men don’t go to such places searching for women. In fact, your chances of finding the right girl at such places are just as good as, if not better than any of the run-of-the-mill singles congregation points such as bars and nightclubs.

Some of these places include those coed aerobics/gym classes, art classes, pottery classes, music classes, dancing classes etc. The reason why going to such places effectively enhances the possibility of meeting women is because you have a common ground based on which you can initiate a conversation. However, it would be foolish to go to any of the aforementioned places unless you have a genuine interest in them; else you run the risk of coming across as desperate and a fake.

Besides the above, there are several other places where you can meet and talk to women, all you need is a bit of confidence and self belief to help you make the right moves. Happy hunting!

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