The Answer To The Question, What Women Want. The 2 Key Things A Man Needs To Date Girls Successfully.

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Q:" I need you to help me unlock this huge mystery for me. I date girls all the time but I seem to only have moderate amount of success. I'm still confused as to what they want from me. What is it that women want from us men? Do I have to be rich? Good looking? How can I be more successful on dates?"

A: "There are many things that women want. But if you are able to pick up just two skills, your dates should be more successful because these are the two things that women really want in men."

The first thing that a woman wants is a man who listens. What you do during your first date is a good indication to her whether or not you are a good listener. If during the first date itself the girl sees that you're not listening or paying attention to her, she will be turned of. This is because if right at the start you are not going to listen to her, that's no indication that you will listen to her later on in the relationship.

You must remember that while it is important to try to impress her with what you can do, if you spend all that time talking about yourself you are not getting to know her at all. Because women love to talk, a man who has the ability to just sit there and listen to her is actually highly attractive. I'm not suggesting that what women want is a rock who will just sit there quietly. But remember to listen to what she has to say instead of just yammering away.

A good date is when both you and the girl are able to engage in conversation, get to know one another and enjoy yourself. In order for you to get to know her, you have to both speak, and listen.

The second thing on the ‘What Women Want' list is charm. Yes, you've seen this in action for yourself as well. Charming men can get away with just about anything. The ability to charm and date girls is not something that comes naturally but it can be learnt. I do not expect all men to automatically be smooth operators but you can train yourself up by practicing your charms on all kinds of girls that you meet on dates or off dates.

At all times of the day you are given opportunities to practice how to be charming to women. And the best part is, you can be charming to some girl and end up attracting some other women instead. This is because when you are charming you are naturally attractive. So the next time you're being nice and charming to the overworked salesgirl, some other woman might just look at you and think “Now that's a nice guy.” And she will want to get to know you. You never know when or where you can score a date with girls.


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