Having Problems Talking To Women? Learn How To Go About Meeting And Talking To Girls.

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Q: "So here I am at the pub or something and I see this woman across the room. I've got it all worked out, I know what I'm going to say but when I go over, I totally flub it! My introduction speech is all wrong and I continue to chatter like an idiot. Eventually I'm stuck with making some lame excuse and wandering off elsewhere. It sucks! I need to fix this. How can I start talking to women without looking and sounding like an idiot? Is there a template on what I should say? "

A: "Keeping your cool while talking to women isn't always easy to accomplish. The best of the best make it look easy, but trust me, we're sweating it too. You yourself have the experience of knowing exactly what you're going to say, planning how she will react and reacting to that. But all well laid plans go out the window and you end up saying something really stupid, looking like an idiot and losing the girl in the process."

In order to be successful at talking, chatting up and meeting girls you have to know how to be flirtatious. You've got to know how to be friendly and most importantly, know how to make casual talk. Girls are definitely more attracted to men who are relaxed, open and approachable. So if you're standing there looking completely stressed out while figuring what to say, chances are she won't be interested in you and will more likely be turned off more than anything else.

Things you can do to break the ice when you're first approaching or meeting beautiful girls is to maybe play a simple game. While playing this ‘game' that they are unaware about try to find out as much as you can about them. Little details like their family, pets, favorite food or color are things to remember. And if you can remember them later on, she will most likely be impressed. Talking to women in this manner can also usually let you know whether or not she is interested.

Other safe but good topics to go into are usually the lighter stuff like the latest hit movie or the latest news. If you've tried talking to a woman on all of the above but she still won't open up to talk to you then it's definitely not you. It's her. Most women I know would love to meet a guy who they can just chat with for hours about the most inane things.

So the point is, don't stress out too much, have an idea of what you're going to say and how you want to talk to her but be prepared for ‘changes'. And most importantly, keep it light! You are making casual talk after all. Remind yourself, all you're doing is talking to a women because after all, you're just looking for a date and maybe a shag. Leave ol' Romeo with his long elaborate speeches behind. Be playful, be flirty and just talk naturally. That's how you're going to get the girls.


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