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Q: " I've read that single guys like myself are suppose to be flirting up a storm and having the time of my life? So far that doesn't seem to be happening. I don't think it's my technique though because I'm pretty fair with the few women I've gone out with so I suspect that I'm just a little green on where to go to really meet some great women. So exactly where do I go to do all this flirting that I've been hearing about? "

A: " Being single is one of the best times of your life! You can flirt as much as you like and there's no one controlling you so you could potentially be seducing and sleeping with several different women every week! And you are right that you're just probably not going to the right places because if you were, you'd be another single flirting up your life!"

One of my favorite places to meet women are at parties. Women at parties are also very easy to flirt with because flirting is very acceptable at parties and celebrations. Women also expect you to come on strongly so you are free to just flirt up your life at any kind of party or function your find yourself in.

Another good spot for meeting and flirting is of course where there is alcohol. Places like bars, pubs, discos and so on. As you know, alcohol can only aid your cause to seduce a woman into your bed. Just make a note that the bar is a public place where you can flirt in, and the back rooms and tables is probably where you want to take the heavier action or flirting to for a bit more privacy .

Flirting can also be done at the work place. Only thing is that you singles have to be a bit more discreet about what you're doing. You can't exactly flirt with everyone you meet in your office. The best place to flirt in the office are at the coffee machines, drink fountains and cafeterias during breaks or non office hours. Flirting with the woman of your choice in the early morning with a subtle ‘good morning' greeting is also an excellent idea.

A place where you singles may like to flirt up your life could also be at an event. You will have the advantage of meeting women who share the same interests as you do. However I don't really like that locale mainly because it is usually too noisy for me to really make an impact. A special tip for this though is to use the noise as a valid excuse for leaning really close to her and whispering into her ear. It's also a good excuse to drag her away into some little coffee shop somewhere so you can talk.


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