The Rules Of Dating Are Changing And If You Want To Successfully Date Women You Have To Keep Up. Tips To Meeting, Flirting And Dating Women.

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Q: " I've been dating for years now. And don't get me wrong, its not that I don't get women but I just choose to play the game instead of settling down. My problem though is that women don't seem to react to me the way they use to. I follow the rules of dating so why aren't they as attracted to me as before? ."

A: " The rules of dating has always been an important factor when it comes to dating women. However it sounds like you’re still stuck in the past because like everything else, how to date women has changed along with the times. There are some rules of dating that have stayed the same but there are also new things to learn, new things to do and new ways of impressing women that you have to learn to keep up with the dating game."

The first rule that you have to remember is that women are not stupid. Nor are they as naïve as they use to be. Gone are the days when only men went out to pick women up. In this day and age you are not the only one who chooses. Women have every right to choose who she wants to go out with and more and more often they are acting on this right.

You will also have to remember not to offend women because they have a memory of an elephant and you won't get away with it. Did you know that you can offend women even before you have said a word to her ? The rule here (whether you are on a date or asking for a date) is to be subtle. Glances at her body is fine but if you stare and drool she will get offended and most likely you will have blown all chances at her.

The rules of dating also state that in order to charm women, you need to be the perfect gentleman. When you date women, small gestures like holding the door or holding out the chair will impress her because she won't see a lot of this in the world today. If you want to get close to her to test the waters then just try moving in closer to her. If she doesn't move away then you can try the next step which is to touch her gently (not someplace suggestive or of offensive of course). Try putting your hand on her back to guide her through the door and see how she reacts to that. If she is ok with it then you know that you have won her win your charms and she is probably interested in dating you.

Talking is the next rule of dating that you should already know about. Conversation during dates are extremely important. One of your monopolizing the conversation makes for a very bad date so you will have to find a balance. Also keep in mind that women love talking so letting them talk is okay but do try to get a word in every once in a while to show that you are listening and that you are interested . It is of course better if she does not monopolize the entire conversation.

The final rules of dating are to smile and give her the attention that she wants. To date women successfully isn't difficult but there are no concrete rules on exactly how a date should go. The above are just a few tips and guidelines on how your date can be improved and the rules you should follow.


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