Feel The Romance Slipping? Need Some Relationship Advice? Save Your Relationship With These Great Romantic Tips.

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Q: " My girlfriend has been showing signs that she's disgruntled with me. I've tried talking to her and apparently she thinks that I'm not being romantic enough and that I'm not interested in our relationship anymore. This isn't true. I've just been a little stressed out from work so we've had a few spats due to my impatience. I still want this relationship to work, what can I do to show her that I am still into the romance and that I don't want her to leave? "

A: " There are a ton of romantic things you can do for your girlfriend to show that you appreciate her and your relationship. All you have to do is to make a little effort to show her that you are willing to work to put the romance back in to your relationship. Below are some relationship advice as well as a list of romantic tips you can use to seduce your girlfriend back as well as keep your relationship going strong. "

  1. Romantic tip number one is to make a list of the special days that you celebrate together, such as the day you met, your yearly anniversary, or even the anniversary of your first kiss . Mark all these dates down on your calendar or planner so you don't forget them. If that special day is coming up, get a gift and write a note to her to let her know that you didn't forget! Afterwards, keep trying to remember to do special romantic things on these dates!

  2. Touch is extremely important to a woman. So the tip here is to just put the romance back into your relationship by touching her. Try giving her a hug at the end of the day. Kissing her goodbye when you head of for work in the mornings. Little things like this show her that you still care.

  3. Over the time that you have gotten comfortable with her your appearance could also have gotten a little sloppy. You know how you use to pull on your best shirt to meet her on dates to give her the best impression possible and these days a shorts and a t-shirt will do because you're so comfortable around her. Well most women like to have their men clean-shaven, looking and smelling good. You don't have to dress up for every occasion. My relationship advice here is to look smart casual on almost any occasion so she will be reminded of the man she fell in love with in the first place.

  4. Another romantic tip that is very easy to do is to give her a toast when you sit down to dinner. It doesn't need to be over bubbly or wine, but even a glass of water or a soda. Tell her something you love about her and then drink to it!

  5. The next tip might not sound very romantic but it is a way of letting your woman know that you're learning to compromise in your relationship. You have to be honest with her. Let her know when you're not feeling so good, if you're stressed and why. That way they will not only appreciate your honesty but they will also know not to take it personally when you get home in a bad mood. This piece of relationship advice can really help prevent and solve alot of relationship problems.

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