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There are a ton of romantic things you can do for your girlfriend to show that you appreciate her and your relationship. All you have to do is to make a little effort to show her that you are willing to work to put the romance back in to your relationship. Below is a list of romantic tips you can use to seduce women into your life, and keep them there.

As men, we can be quite forgetful at time so it's pretty important for you to make a certain list. This list should contain all the special days in your relationship that will be important to her. Things like your anniversary, a special occasion, when you first met and of course, don't forget to include her birthday. It's a good idea to mark all these dates down on your calendar or planner. And if that special day is coming up, get her a romantic gift and include a note so she knows that you didn't forget! Planning for a romantic outing on one of these dates will make her feel pretty special too.

Part two of romantic tips is touch. Touching is extremely important to women. So as a sign that you still care and that you're still interested in her, try doing little things throughout the day or week. Giving her a hug in the morning or at the end of the day or kissing her good bye when you head out to work are good ways to keep the romance going.

It's good to get comfortable in a relationship, but you have to remember not to get too comfortable. More often that not, men need romantic tips to salvage their relationships simply because they started slacking in appearance. You know how you use to pull on your best shirt for dates in order to give her a good impression? Look at yourself now, are you constantly in shorts, t-shirts and slippers because you're so comfortable around her? You should be allowed to feel this way, but you should also make an effort to dress up and look good for her every once in a while. To her, it means that you're still interested in romance and the relationship. And there's the side bonus of looking extra attractive of course.

Other simple romantic tips you can pull out of your hat include:

  1. Planning a surprise. Try either a dinner at a posh restaurant or a romantic getaway for two.
  2. Giving romantic, thoughtful gifts when she least expects it. Just do this every once in a while so she really doesn't start to expect this kind of treatment and so that the gifts don't lose their value.
  3. Love letters and notes may seem a little cheesy but your ability to express yourself romantically works wonders on women.
  4. Pampering your partner with a massage or by preparing a bath can also be romantic. It can also be fairly sensual if you want it to be.

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