Some Romantic Gifts And Ideas On what Presents To Buy For Women Who You're Dating Casually.

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Q: "I've not really dated a lot before this so I'm not quite sure how things like these things work. When I'm out with a woman for the first time, or if we feel comfortable enough to date casually for a while, I always have this urge to get her some kind of romantic present or gift. At the same time though I have very little clue as to what to buy and I don't have that much to spend either. The one thing I don't want to do is to give her the impression that I have money to get her gifts all the time. So is it a good idea to give a woman presents? And what should I buy her? "

A: "Buying gifts or presents for anyone is almost usually a difficult task. I know I have heaps of problems trying to think of ideas on what to get my mom on mother's day or my sister for her birthday. And I'm not even trying to romance or impress them! There is a lot of effort that you have to put into getting romantic gifts especially when it's for women whom you don't really know yet. Hopefully my guide will make romantic gift buying a lot easier for you."

To get the best kind of romantic gifts, you have to know the person who you are buying for. Not a simple task if you're out on your first few dates. The trick here though is to remember what she likes , and then a couple of dates later (if you're still interested in her) show the woman that you're dating that you were paying attention and surprise her with said gift . This is a definite woman pleaser I can tell you that.

When dating women, you don't want to get ahead of yourself. For your first few dates, if you want to get her something, flowers are always a good idea. Don't get something like a huge bunch of red roses, instead, opt for simpler and prettier natural flowers. They're not just cheaper, but also a lot less intimidating yet maintaining a romantic feel about them. Also remember that flowers are a good idea, but you can over do it. Sending her flowers every day is a bad thing to do because either she'll think you're going overboard or she'll come to expect this kind of treatment all the time!

If you think you're seriously into dating this woman, then the next phase is to get gifts that are a little more personal for your dates . Remember what I said earlier about listening to her? Your romantic gifts do not have to be extravagant. Little things like a book that she likes a small doll or even chocolates. Try to relate these objects to her interests like if she is interested in ballet get her a ballerina doll.

A generic list of romantic gifts you can buy for a date include:

  • A small bunch of flowers (no roses)
  • A small bottle of quality perfume
  • A card or a little note (better if handmade)
  • Theater or Concert tickets
  • A book

The thing to remember is that gifts are well and good, but you should not shower her with them. Heavy amounts of romantic presents or gifts will devalue them and she might even think that you're trying to buy her affection. If her birthday or some special occasion (like a promotion for example) arises then by all means, go out and get something really nice and romantic. But while you're still dating casually, you might want to keep things low key at first with simple yet romantic gifts.


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