How To Set Yourself Up As Mr. Romance Of Dating With Women Just By Knowing How To Plan Romantic Dates.

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Q: " My last string of dates have been reasonably successful but from what I hear, my female friends seem to think that I'm no Mr. Romance. Word is that I don't know what a romantic date would be like. Now I'm definitely going to change that but I need a bit of help. I know some things about romance but I'm not really sure what equates to romantic dates. Could you give me some ideas for a romantic get away or something like that? "

A: " You don't need to take a woman to Paris to show her your romantic side! There are a ton of things you could do on dates to show a girl how romantic you can be. Romantic dates are not just about the location. They are about what you do as well. Anyway below is a list of things dates I would plan out if I was trying to show a girl a romantic time. Hopefully you can find something in them that will suit your taste and help you improve your dating with other women. "

  1. Invite the girl to your house and rent a romantic movie to watch together. Re-arrange your furniture so you get a wide open space to spread a blanket out on. Prepare loads of pillows for you and her to sit on. Sweet treats also help sweeten the mood. Some chocolates, marshmallows or even strawberries and cream can be used to turn the date into a romantic one.

  2. Learn how to give a girl a massage (you can learn how to give a good massage just by reading a book!), prepare an area in your house with some good massage oils and invite her over to relax! This works especially well if she's not really feeling up to the date because she's had a stressful day at work! Romance and seduce her with your hands and set yourself for a hot night ahead.

  3. Take her out for a movie, sit right at the back and seduce her into not watching the movie at all. Some girls I know find that very romantic.

  4. Go double dating or triple dating with some friends at the beach! Might not sound romantic initially but sitting together at a bonfire on the beach roasting marshmallows can be make for some pretty romantic dates. Continue the romance by taking a walk barefooted along the beach.

  5. Eating dessert together can be romantic if you know how to. When you're out dating take women out to an ice cream parlor or dessert cafe and share a banana split or an apple pie together. Try feeding each other too!

  6. Plan a drive out to the country together to a good spot. Either set a picnic up ahead of time or do it yourself when you get there. Remember to bring wine and candles for a romantic setting . Then watch the sun go down or the wait till the moon comes up. It's got romantic date written all over it.

  7. If both of you have fairly good sea legs, renting out a sailboat can also turn into a romantic experience. Just a day where both of you can be alone where no one can contact you at all. Of course you must remember to pack a picnic basket of sorts with sweets and wine.

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