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Q: "I'm currently in a casual relationship with this woman. We've been seeing each other semi frequently for a while now and I think that things are getting serious. So now I'm getting worried that there are things I should be doing or things that she expects me to do that I obviously have no clue about. Why can't women just say what they want? She knows I'll do it, but no she wants me to figure it out for myself. I don't want to screw up this relationship that I have cos I think it could lead to something more, so what do I do?"

A: "When you're in a casual relationship with a woman, this is one of the most fragile periods you can be in. There are obviously things you should and should not do. You need to keep her attention and continue to romance her, but at the same time, know when to back off and most importantly, not look desperate to have her with you. My first piece of advice to dating women is to never let her have the upper hand. Be sweet to her, let her fall for you, fall for her if you like her, but never let her know that you're smitten with her until she shows exactly how committed she is to you . That is one of the most important relationship tips that I can give you. "

And yes women are confusing and they have a problem expressing what they want. So the following relationship tips are to help you figure out the things that dating women expect but we as men sometimes forget since we think that we're already secure in the relationship. Following these relationship tips can only go further to strengthen an existing relationship with a woman or make dating women all the sweeter.

  1. Hold her hand Women love holding hands with men. I have no idea why, but all I know is that they love it so you have to do it. And it doesn't cost you much either so why not?

  2. Tell her something nice Paying a woman a compliment is one of the easiest things to do yet we always forget to do so. If she is wearing a new dress or has a new pair of shoes on for the date, compliment her on that! Women that you're in a relationship will really appreciate that you noticed the little changes and efforts that she makes to look good for you.

  3. Be a gentleman Men seem to also forget this for no good reason. Remind the women that you are dating that chivalry is far from dead. The tip here is that you don't need to get overly dramatic and carry her over puddles of water. Small things like offering her your jacket on a cold night or opening a door for her will suffice.

  4. Go out with your friends A tip that's easy to understand but hard to do is to invite her out to do something with your friends. Make this move when you feel confident enough about your relationship. This will show her that you are not ashamed of her and that you're ready to maybe move past a casual relationship.

  5. Learning something new If you follow this relationship tip and learn to do something just for the sake of a woman you are in a casual relationship with it shows that you're hooked. But the best part is that it shows HER that you are interested in her interests and you're willing to pick up new things just to be with her. Most women that i'm dating seem to really appreaciate it when I learn how to cook. And even if when I burn dinner they're really impressed that I tried anyway.

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