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I think that most of us agree that entering a relationship and a commitment is never easy. There are so many relationship questions that will come up and things to think about emotionally, socially and even financially. When you're thinking about all this, just remember that the rewards that you can receive from being in a romantic relationship can really be worth it.

Before jumping into a relationship, there are many questions that people tend to ask. The following are the three most frequent relationship questions that people will have on their minds before entering a romantic relationship.

1. What if we're too different? How will we manage the relationship?
This problem is more common than you think. After all, a romantic relationship is made out of two unique and different individuals. The key to maintaining a healthy relationship through differences is compromise. Just because you disagree with each other over a small issue doesn't mean that you can't be together. You will both just have to learn to give and take. If might be a challenge but if you are both truly compatible with one another then you should be able to get past your minor differences.

2. We have problems whenever the word “Sex” comes up. What should I do?|
Another common dilemma in any romantic relationship is sex. Firstly, it is necessary that you have to be aware of one's feelings on the issue. As long as either one of you are uncertain about sex then it's best to talk about the subject openly. Talk about how you feel about it and what you expect in regards to the matter. This avoids misunderstandings and arguments in the future.

3. Will our relationship last?
Relationship questions like this one is just plain impossible to answer. No one but the both of you can decide the length of your relationship. Remember that your relationship is between the both of you. So sometimes you need to tune out what outsiders might have to say. The answer of this question also depends on whether the both of you are prepared for a romantic relationship. No matter how healthy or strong a relationship is, every couple encounters problems and bad patches so it's up to the both of you to work things out.

At the end of the day, there might be more relationship questions you need answers to. But for things like this, you can only find the answer out for yourself through experience. Just keep in mind that an open communication is essential to making your romantic relationship last. The final piece of relationship tip I can give out is that there must be room for change. In a healthy romantic relationship, the both of you should also always be able to communicate openly and freely.


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