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Q: "I've been casually dating this girl for a while now and I think that we have the potential for a relationship. The problem though is that I have to go away on a business trip for over a week. I'm worried that she'll forget me and start seeing other people. We're not really committed to a relationship yet but I want to see how far we can take this. Is there anything I can do to lock her down aside from actually committing to the relationship in a rush now?"

A: "The last thing you want to do is to agree to jump into a relationship just because of time constraints. Its bad for both of you and chances are the relationship will be off on a rocky start anyway because it never had a solid basis to work on. My advice for you is to let her know that you're still interested in seeing her and dating her but that you have to go away for work. She should understand this especially if you are just in a casual relationship with her."

But even though you are away there are things you can do to remind her of you and to keep the relationship going while you are away. The following dating tips and relationship advice take a little bit of work and pre-planning but if you're really interested in keeping this woman then they should be well worth your time.

Firstly, women love receiving notes (handwritten ones especially) so the dating tip here is to leave some note hidden for her where she could find midweek or so, say in her drawer or in her calendar. When she finds the note she'll think it's very sweet and immediately have loving thoughts about you and a potential relationship with you.

Relationship advice you follow to strengthen your relationship with her is to call or email her for no reason at all. Just ask her how her day is going or something. A funny email will also cheer her up and have her thinking wonderful thoughts about you.

If you can afford it, I would also suggest you to send her flowers during the week that you are way. Women usually love flowers but if those don't work then send chocolates via a reliable messenger service or florist. The dating tip here is to remember to include a short but sweet “Miss you or Thinking of you” note!

My final piece of relationship advice is that, if you have to go away, plan to meet up with her fairly soon after you get back. You may be tired out on the actual day of your arrival, but show interest in her by planning to go out with her within the next 3 days . If you wait too long she will assume that she is not important enough for you to call her and break it off. Impress her further by planning the whole evening. Women really like it when men take the initiative to plan and to get things done.

By doing all these things and making the effort to stay in touch with her, it should really show the woman that you're in a casual relationship that you are fairly serious about what you have. Doing all of the above will not only stop her from wandering, it will also improve your current relationship with her and she'll be all the more ready to explore a relationship with you when she gets back.


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