Everyone Gets Rejected. What's Important Is How You Deal With The Rejection That Comes From Dating Women.

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Q: " Not to say that I get rejected very often or something, but when I do it seems like a slap in the face and my entire night is ruined. I can't get another girl to go out with me and my confidence is shot. I need to get over this but I can't get it out of my mind! I think I need help dealing with rejection. Either that or there has to be a way to not ever get rejected right? "

A: "Ideally, that should never happen. But dating women isn't always easy and perfect so it does. Whatever you did to get rejected (whether you're having a bad day or you used a bad pick up line) you should seriously reconsider you approaches."

Nevertheless, getting rejected happens even to those who play the dating game extremely well and are dating tons of women. Heck in some cases I get rejected because I'm not too bothered. I can see the signs, and I can tell that she isn't interested but I'm lazy enough to push on. You never know when the girl might suddenly change her mind right? However when rejection does happen sometimes it surprises and you have to learn to deal with it .

While dating women, the best ways of dealing with rejection are:

  • To make her see that she rejecting you didn't bother you at all. Show her that you don't need HER company and that she just missed out on a chance to get to know you.
  • After she rejects you, say something nice like “It's been a pleasure talking to you anyway” like you mean it! This way you set yourself up as a nice guy and you stand out from all the other losers who slink away after tossing insults at her.
  • Remain cool and confident and in good humor! When she sees you having fun she'll realize how much she missed out and she might come over and approach you instead!

One of my best friends has an awesome attitude when he gets rejected that I think we should all emulate. He tells me that he never gets rejected, he just finds out if that woman has good taste. Remember than even while you ask a hot woman out on a date, you have values too and you are worth something to someone else even if it doesn't happen to be her.

Lastly, learn that rejection may actually be a good thing and not a bad thing. The more you get rejected, the better you get because you will learn something with every rejection. You'll learn that dating women aren't always worth your time. You'll learn what works and what doesn't and you will get better at picking women up! If someone rejects you just remind yourself that its all part of dating women and you should not let just one woman or one rejection get your down. She isn't worth it!

The night is still young and there are plenty of other women out there who would love your company so just ignore this one rejection, move on and enjoy the rest of your night!


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