Two Simple Ways To Pick Up Women. Start Meeting Women When Other Men Crash And Burn.

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Q: " See I've got this problem that when I see a girl I really like and I'm, getting ready to make my move when someone else steps in. Now whatever happens my night is wasted because if he was successful then my mood is shot but even if he gets rejected I regret not making the first move because if that great looking guy couldn't do it how can I? Firstly I lose confidence and secondly, I don't think it's nice to pick up a girl and make the first guy feel bad."

A: " When a woman rejects a man she becomes fair game so you shouldn't feel bad about taking advantage of your fellow man. Here are two ways you can take advantage of other men's failures and start meeting and attracting women when they have failed. "

  1. When you see a guy who is trying to pick up a woman you like and failing miserably this is your chance to impress her. When he finally gets the hint leaves rudely its your cue to move in. If you've overheard his lame attempts you can try picking her up with “That was one of the worse pick up lines I'd ever heard.” Or if you didn't hear what he said you can still try something like “That was one of the most pathetic approaches I've ever seen.”

    You will immediately build a rapport with her and she can and will start bitching to you about him and you can get into a discussion about all the stupid ways men have approached her and bad pick up liens that she has heard. The best part is that her shields will be down and she will happily be chatting with you unknowing that you are picking her up because it will never occur to her that a guy would try this kind of thing!

  2. Another way of pulling the above trick is to use it when you see some guy hitting on a woman you'd like to pick up and she looks really uncomfortable with him, maybe even disgusted. This is an excellent opportunity to make yourself look good.

    Approach them with “There you are sweetheart. I've been looking all over for you. Come on we've got to go, the gang's waiting for us.” Or whatever nonsense you can come up with, that works too. Then take her hand and just walk away. Chances are she will just be too shocked to resist and then you can do just about anything you like!

    This pick up technique is excellent because you immediately get her attention and you play into the role of her hero/prince charming and she will immediately be attracted to you because of it!


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