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The world of the Pickup Artist is the domain of one very special man. That’s right the man I’m referring to in this article is Mystery, who is the star of VH1’s hit TV show, “The Pickup Artist. Magazines like Elle and Saturday Night have billed Mystery as the greatest pickup artist the world has ever seen and for good reason. Mystery is a master at playing “The Game” which is a reference to the Novel written by Neil Strauss, who is also referred to as Style in the notorious Seduction Community.

Personally I feel Mystery is doing the world in general a real service by teaching lost, awkward men how to successfully break the ice, capture the imagination of and land rather attractive women. Having said this, Mystery’s teachings of the Venusian Arts and the collective Seduction Community has had to face its fair share of criticism from several corners. However, when one takes into consideration all the factors involved, the whole thing comes across as a very innocent movement that is all about sharing as well caring. In fact that’s all it boils down to; Mystery’s sharing of the Venusian Art to help men pickup women.

Mystery, the man himself is not ashamed to proclaim that he too was a late bloomer who in his younger days was quite gawky and awkward when it came to the ladies. And just about every one that Mystery has taken under his tutorage has faced similar problems with females. The reason why Mystery’s teachings of the Venusian Art are so effective is because they have been borne out of frustration and have been perfected through a trial and error process. Mystery developed and perfected his technique by approaching various women over the years and trying different methods till he short listed those that actually worked.

Mystery’s teachings aren’t really all that complicated and they simply help you project confidence about who and how you are. Once you are at peace with yourself, you instantly become attractive to those around you and that’s all it takes.
Everyone on the Seduction community including Style, Matador and J-Dog had trouble meeting quality women before the learnt the secrets of the Venusian Arts. And this is when they brought their lives together and found happiness and fulfillment in life.

Perhaps the best thing about the show and the Venusian Arts is that there are no losers since both men and women get what they want. Men are able to land the woman of their dreams and women are able to find great men whom they would have missed otherwise. This makes the whole world a far better place to live in. So, if you decide to participate remember to respect the art and honor the others who are involved, but if you choose to sit on the sidelines and watch the movement gain momentum, then simply enjoy the show!

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