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I'm arguing with a friend that first impressions don't count too much with a woman I just want to sleep with. Am I right or wrong?
The importance of a good first impression with women and why.

I want to chat these women up but I take ages to work up the confidence to go over. How can I build the confidence to get the girls?
Building your confidence is all your need to do at this point and the dates will start pouring in. So read more and learn how you can build self confidence in yourself.

I'm sick of heading to my same old haunts but for the life of me I can't figure out where else to go to meet women. Can you help?
Places to meet women that you knew about but didn't think you could!

I can't get over this girl who seems completely unapproachable and out of my league. I need to know how to talk to her.
How to approach a woman: It's so easy you won't believe it.

There's a totally hot girl whom I want to meet but she's always surrounded by friends. I'm confident to talking with her one on one but no so much in a group. So how do I get her attention?
A simple trick to approaching a group of women, and getting the attention of a specific woman all to yourself.

Are there certain things that are taboo that I should avoid talking about when I'm going out with this girl for the first time?
Talking to girls is an easy thing but there are some things you really should avoid. Read more to find out what they are.

Is body language so important? Why in the world would I want to spend the time to learn what she is trying to say with her body? Can't she just tell me?
The ability to read her body language can and will help you get more dates! Find out what she's saying based on what she is doing!

I've heard there are many ways to do it and a ton of pick up lines I can use but what is the best way to approaching a woman?
Three easy steps to approaching a woman and getting a hot night out.

I've got a huge speech planned but I can never execute it! What is the right way talk to women and to get dates?
Casual talk is the answer to your problems. Learn how get dates just by meeting and talking with women the right way.

Other than walking up to a girl and talking to her, is there any way to pick her up in a more dramatic manner that will help her remember me?
The easy way of how to pick up a woman by using gimmicks!

I'm a single looking to flirt up my life! Problem is I don't really know where to go...
If you're single you should be flirting up your life! Don't know where to do it? Let me tell you!

He doesn't seem to use pick up lines that I don't use. What kind of secret flirting technique is he using that I'm not?
Let me share with you the secret technique of non verbal flirting.

I see a lot of bad pick up lines around but very few good ones. Could you give me some pointers on how to approach women or some really great pick up lines I could use?
You don't need great pick up lines, all you need is to learn how to turn the tables and use bad pick up lines to approach women.

I'm bored of trying to figure out ways or approaching and meeting women and I just want to skip straight to the dating. Can you help me with this?
Just use my simple method of approaching and meeting women and you'll earn yourself a ton of dates in no time.

I've tried a lot of pick up lines and openers but I don't seem to flirt very well. How can I become a good flirt?
Just improve on your conversation skills and you will have mastered the flirting technique of verbal flirting.

Dramatic approaches really don't seem to be my kind of thing. Is there any other way I can use to meet women?
You don't have to be dramatic to meet the girls. Using a down to earth approach will work just as well.

I am terrible at flirting and I'm about to just give up and quit. There has got to be better ways to meeting girls than having to flirt with them.
Flirting isn't that hard! All you need to do is refine your technique! Take some of my flirting advice and you'll be flirting with the bet of them in no time.

I'm an introvert who isn't comfortable with fancy pick up lines and techniques, but how else am I suppose to approach girls?
Running out of ideas on how to approach girls? Why not try this new wingman technique.

Attracting girls is usually easy but I don't know how to do so when the girl I like is at the Laundromat.
Want to pick up that girl at the Laundromat? No problem, just use the following techniques on attracting and picking up women.

I'm a great speaker, I've got a good personality and sense of humor but I think the way I look needs work. What are the key points I need to work at?
Learning how to attract women is not just about sounding good, it's about looking good as well.

I need help on figuring out how the flirting and dating game should work!
Here's a quickie on how to flirt with women and essentially how flirting should work.

I'm willing to try all sorts of funny methods of meeting girls and I'm interested in something new, fast and simple.
Well since you're so fond of simple tricks, try this new method of meeting girls.

I have problems convincing myself that it's ok to pick up a woman when some other guy has failed.
Two easy ways to start meeting women and picking up where other lame guys left off.

Best Tips On Meeting & Approaching Women


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