Meeting Women Is Very Easy As Long As You Know Where To Go. Meet And Pick Up Girls At Places You Always Knew About But Never Went To.

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Q: "Every weekend I head to the pub around the corner to try to meet some girls. It's getting really boring because not only am I meeting the same kind of women, and the faces are starting to get old as well. I'm been trying to figure out where else I can go to meet girls but my mind is coming up with blanks. That and the fact that I'm not quite sure how to go about meeting women in an area I'm not familiar with. I'm sure there must be other places to meet girls and there are ways to do it that I don't know about. Help? "

A: "There are many places to meet girls that you never knew about. Actually you probably knew about them but it never occurred to you that they were such great potential pick up spots! So go through that list below and find a location that's not just available to you but feels the best. What the heck, try them all! Meeting more women is always better. "

Shopping Mall
The shopping mall is always full of people and is actually one of the best places to meet girls. We all know this, and not just that, I'd take a guess and say that almost every time you've been to the mall you've seen some pretty girl that you've wanted to go out on a date with. So how can the mall not be an obvious choice of where to go?

At the mall you've got girls who work at the shops, girls who go shopping and girls who just plain hang out. Hitting on girls or women who hang out together can be a little intimidating but you'll have better odds of hooking one.

On a sales person you could try the old fashion technique of pretending that you're shopping for your ‘sister'. Try getting her to recommend something because you think that she and your ‘sister' have similar fashion sense or because you think that she has great taste. Remember the keywords for why she likes certain things over others. Use all the information given to you in this short period of time to your advantage and if she's a shopper try to suggest that you head elsewhere to continue to the conversation.

Clubs and Classes
Sporting clubs and yoga classes are another place to meet girls. Sporting clubs or clubs of interest are great for meeting women and even easier to talk to because you will already share the same interest! Of course you have to pick and choose your clubs and interests. Places like a football clubs are obviously not a great place to go to meet girls.

Places like yoga classes are especially for meeting women because you are very likely to meet a number of women who will be open to ‘new ways' of thinking. You might even want to head to a gym to meet women. Not only will some of them be hot, but again conversation is fairly easy to start up because of common interest.

Coffee Shops
The coffee shop is also a meeting place that you might not have thought about. These kind of places are always packed and sometimes the more packed they are the better because you may just have to share tables. And even if they aren't completely full you can still ask to sit next to a beautiful woman. And if she chooses to question you, you can always say that you don't like sitting alone and if she doesn't mind you sitting with her until you're done with your drink.

While you're sitting together you might as well talk about something. Things that you could talk about include her drink, whether it's her favorite, why she chose it? If you're in a gourmet coffee shop all the better! Use metaphors to set your mood like “how the smoothness and richness of the coffee reminds you of a steamy Latin love dance stimulation your taste buds” etc. You can and will make her melt for you even if all you're talking about is coffee.

This is another natural place to meet girls that guys don't seem to realize. The numbers of girls always out number the guys in a library. Now while these women are busy and dedicated to their work, everyone including them can use a break everyone in a while.

Use this to your advantage. Try to provide a small distraction so that they will be happy to talk to you. Something simple like asking them to help you locate a special book or talk to her about what she's working on. Women love to show off what they know so they will most likely talk your ear off about the subject. But the point of this exercise is to get them to open up to you by talking to you. Take every opportunity of this conversation to build up a good rapport with them.

One of the places that you spend most of your time at could be the place to meet the most women! You are in a familiar, relaxed environment and if today doesn't work out, there is always tomorrow .

There are plenty of opportunities to meet women and girls at your work or place of study. Arranging for ‘accidental' meetings is not evil, it's the way to go!


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