Attract Women And Meet Tons Of Girls With This Simple Technique Of Approaching Women.

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Q:"Im the kind of guy who loves cheesy pick up lines and funky techniques of approaching women. Right now Im looking for something that will help me meet loads of girls, something fast and really simple. Got any kind of tips or techniques to help me meet and attract women?"

A: " Meet girls with this really simple technique! It's one of those don't knock it till you try it techniques and if you're patient and persistent you will attract a lot of women."

Ok so here is what you need to do. You see a woman you're attracted to but you can't seem to approach her. Maybe she's in a group, maybe you don't have the time, whatever the reason is, you just can't do it.

The least you have to do is to go up and say Hi. Make sure you make eye contact and make sure that she knows that it's directed to her. Do this right and you will get a confused reply in return. A simple Hi from her will do! After this just continue with what you were doing, walk away, take a drink, anything.

The next time you accidentally (or purposefully) bump into her, repeat the same thing and continue to ignore her. What will happen is that after the third time she will be wondering if she knows you. Later still, she will be curious as to why you don't talk to her and why you never approach her. And after the 15 th or 20 th Hi she will be bursting with curiosity!

Your plan to attract her would then have worked because she will now come up and approach you! She will try to find out why you never talk to her or approach her and especially why you keep saying hi. Just be vague and mysterious about your answers, it will help keep the conversation going. From there start flirting with her and make the best out of her approaching you.

You can meet a lot of girls using this technique and the best part about it is there is minimal effort on your part. The side effect is that even if you don't see her enough to get her to come up to you, you will meet girls and at the same time build enough confidence to just walk up to any woman and say Hi In time, maybe even more.


Best Tips On Meeting & Approaching Women


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