How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

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As you know, maintaining a healthy romantic relationship isn't something that comes easily. It takes effort, time and co-operation from both parties in order for a romantic relationship to work. The thing is, if it's already difficult to maintain a healthy relationship when you are both living together or in the same area, how is it like to try to maintain a long distance relationship?

Long distance relationships aren't always planned. Things do happen unexpectedly, one of you may have to leave for work, studies or for a myriad of reasons. An option that some couples choose is to break up with one another. However this isn't your only choice and if you choose to make it work, you can still maintain a long distance relationship.

There are two different types of long distance relationships. The first is the one where you have been in a romantic relationship for a long time and you now need to separate for whatever reason. So your normal coupling then turns into a long distance relationship. The second type of long distance relationship usually happens to people who meet via online dating. They may never have met each other but they are still able to keep a romantic relationship together through various communication methods.

Keeping a long distance relationship together isn't easy. It's expensive and difficult and you may experience a host of new feelings if you've never been away from your partner for long periods of time. Again I'll say though that it's not an impossible task and it's definitely something you can do if you put your mind to it.

Tips to maintaining a long term relationship include:

  • Communication effectively with one another. Misunderstandings are often the root of all arguments and disagreements. While communication is important in a romantic relationship, its importance increases tenfold in a long distance relationship. You both need to talk to each other in order to trust. Remember when you assume you ‘make an ass out of u and me'.
  • Showing trust and commitment to one another. Especially if you have been dating for a long time, you should be able to trust your partner to be faithful to you even when you are miles away. Be sure to respect their commitment by staying committed to them as well.
  • Keep yourself busy with your other interests, family and friends. Simply sitting around and complaining how much you miss your partner is just going to put everyone in a bad mood, yourself included.
  • Even though you are both miles apart, try to get some quality time together through phone, instant messaging or using a webcam to see one another. Make sure that the time spent is really quality time and that you pay attention to your partner and what she has to say.

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