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Keeping your cool while talking and trying to attract women isn't always easy to accomplish. Sometimes the best way to handle this is to know exactly what you're going to say coupled with planning how she will probably react. However, even the best laid plans have been known to fail. So the best thing for you to do isn't to try to figure out a fool-proof plan. Instead, you just need to learn how to talk to women naturally.

Part of learning how to talk to women successfully means that you need to know how to appear open and friendly. More importantly, you need to learn the art of casual conversation. As you know, you can attract women simply by being relaxed and approachable. So if you're standing there looking (and feeling) completely stressed out and tongue tied, chances are she won't be attracted to you at all.

Apart from learning how to talk to women, you also need to learn how to listen to them. All this is part of making conversation, building a rapport and chemistry between the both of you. Women love talking so sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen. Don't just zone out though, pay attention to what she's saying and remember to respond. Keep in mind certain tidbits of information to bring up in the conversation at some other time. She will definitely appreciate that you were actually listening to her.

Something else to keep in mind and an important part of learning how to talk to women is that there are certain issues that you should really avoid talking about.

  • Avoid talking about your personal problems. Whether it's about family, work or money. She's out to have a good time, not to listen to your sob story and to be your counselor.
  • Try to keep the conversation as upbeat and positive as possible. This will help you attract women naturally because they will have positive memories of you. Be too much of a whiner and she'll remember you as a bad date and you won't get a second one.
  • If she's talking to you about her problems, don't try to analyze too much of it and ‘fix' it for her. Women just like to talk, they don't like it when men tell them what they did wrong and how to fix it.
  • Never ever decide to start talking to a woman about your ex-girl friend or wife. If the subject comes up, just be polite about it. The worse thing you could do is to start bitching to them about how horrible they were and how you were tortured.
  • Talking about yourself and your accomplishments is a subject that will naturally come up during the course of your conversation. Gloss over what you've done and let her know more if she's interested. The important thing that you must not do is to brag about yourself. Know where the line is between impressing a woman and turning her off with your bragging.
  • And lastly you want to avoid talking to girls about politics, religion and conspiracy especially if you're not that familiar with her yet. Everything else is definitely open for discussion and they will be a lot more fun and less likely to blow up that these 3 themes.


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