Meeting Women And Getting Dates Is All About The Pick Ups. Tips And Tricks On How to Pick Up A Woman.

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Q: " I'm usually the guy who tries to make small talk when I'm approaching a woman but I don't think it has much of an impact because the next guy who comes along and makes some kind of funny joke or something just steals her attention away from me. Is there some kind of gimmick or trick to pick up a woman? Or should I work on my talking skills? How do I pick up women? "

A: "Working on how to talk to women might help solve part of your problem. But it already sounds like you have the confidence to walk up to a woman to talk to her so that might not be it. I think that all you need in order to know how to pick up women is a gimmick. Something a little special to make you more memorable and outstanding compared to the ‘other' men around."

Now while normal guys like you and I might not believe in crap like astrology or tarot and handwriting analysis and things like that, you have to remember that women love this kind of things and it can be used! So what you do is that you pretend to like it and you pretend to be interested. One of my favorite how to pick up women tips is to analyze handwriting . All you need to do is to read up a little on the subject and ta-da you're an expert! Seriously!

Tarot cards work very well as too at a bar or a party. Want to know how to pick up any one of the gorgeous women around? Just walk up to the woman you're interested in meeting and ask if she's interested in a tarot reading because you ‘happen' to have a deck of cards with you and you want to try them out as you're really keen on the subject. Almost any girl will say yes and take interest in you because you're one of the few guys who are actually interested in tarot. And the best part is that other girls will be watching too and the next thing you know they'll all be coming after you to read their future. Feel free to make up some steamy details of course.

If you are able to pick up palmistry, all the better! You're going to get a legitimate excuse to hold her hand and playing with it! Apart from just doing your ‘reading', work on your pick up by caressing her hand and paying her sweet compliments on how soft and smooth her hands are. Play around with romantic notions of ‘love lines' and how she's going to get picked up by Prince Charming. If you can get away with it, read both her palms and don't let go! Thats how to pick up women!

Gimmicks like these are so easy to pull off and meeting women has never been easier. So just go out, get yourself a deck of tarot cards to learn a little about astrology and handwriting analysis and you're all set for a full night of pick ups. Just make sure none of your guy friends are around to burst your bubble and spoil your game.


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