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Q: " I'm not a very original guy and I'm too lazy to think up of great tactics and strategies on how to flirt with women. So what I've done is taken a tip out of someone else's book. I have friends who are really successful and I've tried some of their so called flirting techniques. But after multiple failures, this just isn't fun anymore you know. How can those cheesy pick up lines work for them but not me? I know I need a woman but there's got to be a better way than grinding through numerous amount of women just to get one to go out with me. "

A: " My first piece of advice to you is this: Flirting should be fun! Meeting women, getting dates, it's all about having fun and enjoying yourself. It should not be a job. If you're dragging your feet about dating and playing the dating game then you are not enjoying dating for a good reason. "

The next thing about flirting is that you should try to vary things a bit. It gets tempting and every guy wants to use the exact same tactic that worked the day before especially when it worked then or when you've seen a friend of yours use it successfully. But part of attracting and flirting with women is to show off your personality and to be different from other people. However you want to flirt or whatever pick up line you choose to use, always try to show off your personality! Just try to keep in mind that your flirting techniques are a work in progress and as you start meeting more women you will pick up new tricks to add to your arsenal.

In order for you to learn how to flirt with women, you must also learn how to observe them. Get past her physical appearance for a while and start using your powers of observation on the woman that you want to meet. When you meet a woman you want to attract, start taking mental notes on things that you wouldn't usually notice at a glance like her personality, style and tastes. Let her know that you've taken time to notice her past her breasts and pay her a personal compliment. Remember to throw your personality into that as well!

And finally, flirting is an essential part of meeting women and complimenting women seems to be an integral part of flirting. Whenever people ask me questions on how to flirt with women I always tell them to pay her a small compliment first . However that compliment will not last your throughout your entire meeting and your flirting techniques have to include more than just “You look pretty.” Part of flirting is creating an attraction and this is where you have to really let your personality shine through. Part of flirting is causing an attraction with your charms and sense of humour.


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