Self Grooming Is A Big Part Of Meeting Women. Get Tips On How To Attract Women Just By Looking Good.

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Q: "I donít have a problem speaking to people, women included. But somehow I canít seem to really get as many dates as I like and Iím beginning to think that its maybe because of the way I look. Iím not the kind of guy who spends hours in front of the mirror so could that be hurting me? Could you give me some tips on what I need to focus on? What are the main things I need to fix if I want to start attracting more women?"

A: "To attract women you have to provide them with the full package. The following are tips on how to attract women and advice on grooming to keep you on top of your game. After all, the last thing you want is to have women turn you down over a little thing that you could have easily fixed."

Tip 1: Women are attracted to men who are fit but don't take this to the extreme! If you decide to turn into an exercise freak and your entire life just revolves around body building and yourself, this is a major turn off for women. Meeting women may be easier with a fit body, but it's a sound mind and a charming personality that will attract them.

Tip 2: If you're a woman you'd be dying your grey hair. But you're not a woman! You'd be surprised but women are attracted to men with grey or graying hair because they think its looks quite sexy and we have Sean Connery to thank for that. Thank you Mr. Bond.

Tip 3: If you decide to keep a moustache or a beard, try to keep it tidy. Having a moustache that's dirty and that tends to collect food and gravy is not how to attract women.

Tip 4: Grooming includes keeping your fingernails short and clean. Even women that you are meeting for the first time will notice little things like dirty or long fingernails. And yes they are picky enough to turn you down just because your fingernails are unsightly.

Tip 5: Sometimes men suffer from nose or ear hair which is highly unattractive to women. So remember to trim your nose hair regularly and get your stylist to do something about your ears the next time you are at the saloon getting a haircut.


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