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Q: " I seem to have a problem approaching women. I'm a down to earth kind of guy and I don't think I'm particularly funny so reading about all these ways of approaching and meeting girls are kind of intimidating. I don't think I'm brave enough to use a very dramatic approach that's gets everyone's attention. How can I approach women in a more down to earth, less dramatic kind of way? "

A: " It's ok if you're not the kind of guy who is brave enough to use a dramatic approach to meet the girl. There are plenty of other ways you can worm yourself into a conversation with a woman. Here is a fairly simple down to earth approach you can use to get women to talk to you. In fact, this approach is so simple and basic, its not restricted to just an opener, you can even use it in mid-conversation to keep things going! Just read the following example of how to approach women and change it to your own flavor."

If you see omeone in a record store in the pop music section shopping for records and you're wondering how you can approach that woman try walking up to her and saying“I like Kelly Clarkson.” She'll be stunned for a minute and she'll probably ask if you were talking to her. Regardless of her reaction, just continue on to say “I like Kelly Clarkson. And I think I could get to like the new American Idol Carrie as well. Your turn, what do you like?” (Remember to smile.)

By now she would have understood the game you are playing and might answer something like “They're alright but AI isn't really my thing.” That's fine. Even if she doesn't like the topic you are approaching her with the important thing is that you've gotten her to speak to you. And thats the first step to meeting a woman.

So now you keep the conversation going by talking about some other band or artist or a whole new topic altogether. If you decide to switch topics, make sure you use a humorous tone to indicate that “yea I know that the topic switch was a bit weird” just to show that all you're interested in is chatting with her (for now of course). If the approach works she'll start introducing new topics as well!

At this point in time you should invite her out for a drink somewhere so you can chat and get to know one another and chances are she'll join you. Even if she isn't free, get her number or arrange for a date so you can meet her again. If you play your cards right she might even find your persistent cute and find you amusing enough to meet up with again. No I am not kidding, this technique does work. I've gotten dates and phone numbers from girls just by talking about random topics in shopping malls. So the next time you're scratching your head trying to figure out how to approach women, try this method of meeting them. It fairly simple and it works!


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