The Wingman Technique Ė The New Method To Approaching Women. Learn How To Approach Girls With Ease Using This Technique.

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Q: "Iíve read about using dorky pick up lines and dramatic moves but I think that Iím too shy to do things like this. Iíve heard some people mention about this wingman technique but I donít have enough details about it. I donít suppose you could clue me in on this method on approaching girls?"

A: "For those like yourself who are a bit shy Iíd of course recommend that you build up your self confidence because women are attracted to confident men, plain and simple. However even if you are a confident guy you can try out this new method on approaching girls. This technique on how to approach girls is especially useful if the girl you have your eye on is trapped somewhere in her group and you want to pry her way."

Basically the wingman is a guy friend that you drag along with you to the bar or pub where you could potentially meet women. The technique works for several reasons

  1. If the women are in a group , going in as a pair is a lot less intimidating than if you had to solo a whole group of women.
  2. If you are too shy to talk to the girl yourself your wingman could help you break the ice and make the introductions for you.
  3. You and your wingman can both motivate and help one another out by encouraging each other to go speak to that woman.

What you and your wingman will do when you see a girl you like is that you can either both approach her group where he can distract the group and leave you to chat the girl up. The other technique you could use is to have your wingman go up to a woman and talk to her as your representative. Meeting women is really made easier with a wingman especially if he is your best friend and you both know what you're doing.

Do remember though that the wingman technique requires the both of you to be fairly experienced. You both have to know what you're doing, and know how to approach and attract girls. Simple seduction techniques like mirroring her body language wouldn't go astray while you are working out the wingman technique.


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