How To Approach A Woman For A Date. Meeting And Attracting Seemingly Unapproachable Women.

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Q: "There is this girl at my work place who I think is just beautiful. She doesn't just look good but she's quite smart and seems like a pretty nice girl too. I really want to go up and talk to her but she seems like one of those unapproachable women in the work place. None of my guy colleagues ever hit on her, not even the real players because she's got unapproachable written all over her. I would normally forget about women like this but I see her at work every day so it's really hard for me to get over her. I want to go up and talk to her but I'm not sure how to approach a woman like her. Are there any tips you could give me? "

A: "For situations like these, most men don't actually need any tips or hints on how to approach a woman like her. All they (or you) need to do is realize that she isn't as unapproachable as she seems."

You need to realize that single women are often quite lonely. When there is a girl who is as attractive as you describe her to be, chances are that they DON'T get asked on dates because men like you are too intimidated by them. Men like you think that they are either not good enough, or a girl or woman like her is probably taken or worse, that you will automatically be rejected when you haven't even tried. Because of that this poor girl who has been labeled as ‘hot and unapproachable' is probably sitting at home on a Saturday night without a date.

I'm sure that there have been occasions where you've met people who are a lot friendlier than they look at first. Some people act cold because they don't want to be hurt or because they don't know any better. But inside they do feel lonely and women in particular want to have a man to hold and to care for them. And this is where you step in.

So whether it's this girl in your office or some woman on the street or in a pub somewhere, the next time you see a pretty girl who looks remotely unapproachable, just approach her! You're likely to be the first and only person brave enough to do so and your reward will meeting women who will obviously enjoy your undivided attention because no one has ever approached her before! You don't need super tips on how to approach a woman like the girl in your office, you just need some guts and maybe a good pick up line.

Throw your notions of unapproachable women out the window and start speaking up to them because they are really not half as unapproachable as they look. The best way on how to approach a woman who seems unapproachable is to actually walk up to her and talk to her. It's that simple and you'll be surprised at how often it works and just how many women you will be meeting!


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