Make Meeting And Dating Women Easier With A Strong First Impression.

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Q: "Help me out here. I'm arguing with a buddy on whether or not a first impression counts when it comes to picking up girls. I mean, I'm not in it for the long haul yet; I just want to start meeting some women, get a few drinks, get a date and maybe get to bed with her. My friend is completely obsessed about how he looks and how he presents himself even before he's actually walked up to talk to her. Tell me he's crazy."

A: "Actually your friend is correct. A first impression is extremely important in all aspects of your life including dating and meeting women . You'd be surprised but many women decide whether or not she is likely to sleep with a man very early on. If you've given her a bad impression right from the start, no amount of persuasion you do later on is going to change her mind."

So since you can't change her mind I think you'd better work on changing yours. Your friend being completely obsessed about the first impressions may be taking it a little over the top but he definitely has a point. A good first impression counts when you're trying to meet girls.

The thing is that before you walk up to a woman you might smooth your clothes down a bit, decide to put on your best behavior. And that to you, is your first impression to the girl. What you don't know though is that she might have been watching you from the minute you stepped into the club. We're you very loud and rude? The way you sauntered in and plopped yourself down could also have been quite sloppish.

So watching how you behave right from your start could be very important because you never know which exactly her first impression of you is. More often than not though, it's not going to be when you walk up to meet her.

It is possible to change her mind because it isn't fair to judge by first impressions (let her know that) but how bad a first impression she was given will leave an imprint in her mind. Plus you will take a lot more effort to change her mind about you after she's had a bad impression as opposed to if you had taken the time to create a better first impression.

Hopefully after reading this you will change your mind about the importance of giving a good first impression even if it's just meeting women that you want to sleep with.


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