First Impressions And How They Count

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First impressions are extremely important in all aspects of your life. This of course includes dating and meeting women. You might be surprised to find out that a majority of women decide right off the bat if she's going to sleep with a man. So if you've given her a bad first impression, you're going to have to put in a lot of effort just to change her mind about you.

The next thing to consider is this, when are first impressions made? For example, you see a woman you like and just before you head over to talk to her you might smooth your clothes down a bit and put on your best behavior. The cleaned up version of yourself is what you think you're presenting. But is it? What you may not realize that before you even had a chance to introduce yourself she may have spotted you from across the room. What were you like then? Were you loud and rude? Were you being sloppy or acting like an ass? If you were then you can kiss your chances of getting a date with her good bye. She certainly won't go out with you based on her first impressions of you.

The point that I'm trying to make here, is that you have to watch how you behave right from the start. Because you never know who's watching, and you never know who you might be trying to impress. Don't delude yourself by believing that first impressions are made when you're actually meeting women and introducing yourself for the first time. Their first impression of you will most likely be made even before you get up to talk to them.

It's true that it isn't fair to judge someone based on first impressions alone, and you can even try to explain yourself. But the fact of a matter is that a bad impression (especially a first impression) tends to leave an imprint on the mind. You can try to change her mine, but as they say prevention is better than cure. And it'll take a lot more effort to change her mind about you after she's had a bad impression. As opposed to if you had taken the time to create a better first impression.

Hopefully after reading this you will realize the importance of first impressions and how it affects dating and meeting women. Whether you're looking for a long term relationship, a few dates or even if you're after a one night stand, that very first impression makes a difference.


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