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Q: "I finally worked up the courage to ask this girl out and she said yes! I've made dinner plans for our first date this weekend and I don't seem to have a clue what to do past that. So I've got a couple of first date questions. What should I say? What shouldn't I do? Should I get her a gift? I really want to show her a good time but I'm afraid of coming on too fast and scaring her away. What are the common rules I should follow on a first date? "

A: "Ah, the first date. Something every man dreads and anticipates nervously, especially if they are taking out a girl that they really like. We all want to give the girl a good impression but yes you are right, there are ways of overdoing it either in our eager to please, or we're just too desperate for female companionship. There are a lot of questions that we ask when we're going out on that all important first date, but I can't give you any hard and fast rules to follow. All I can suggest are a few dating tips and advice that will help you get through your first date (and subsequent dates with women), and hopefully open the door to more dates to come."

The first thing to do on a first date is to always pay for the date . This should be pretty obvious but some men are capable of missing it. Some of the more independent women i'm dating insist that they pay for it and the best way to deal with this is to offer a compromise and go dutch. A warning though, if she is terribly insisted on having her way and wanting to pay for the date this could be a bad sign. It could mean that she isn't entirely interested in you or committing into a relationship with you. If all you're looking for is a night out or a good time in bed, that's ok. But if you're looking for a long term relationship then you'd better back off now. No sense wasting time for a broken heart.

On your first date it is also important for you to be a gentleman. Just remember to not be an extremist about it because you will end up looking like a fool. Throughout the date you should also compliment her. When you first meet her, during dinner and just before you leave her at her doorstep. Examples of things to say would be to compliment her on her hair or how nice she smells. If she's had something done up like a manicure compliment her about that. Women put alot of time into dating and they like getting appreciated for their efforts. Again, remember not to over do it or she will become overly suspicious.

A guy who is trying to hard is also a guy who is failing at impressing the girl on his first date. You have to remember that the idea of a first date is not just to show the girl a good time, but to have a good time yourself. If you're just going to stress about making things perfect throughout the date then you won't have a good time, you won't associate your first date with her as a good time and after all that effort to ask her out, you'll end up not liking her anyway. What's the point of dating women then?

At the end of the day the best advice I can give you for your first date is to go out, impress the heck out of her but remember to also have fun! All the best on your first date and I hope it works out for you.


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