Dealing With The Rejection Of Being Stood Up. What To Do When Dating Women Goes Sour.

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Q: " My date was a no show yesterday. I must have waited for 30 minutes before I called her and she didn't even pick up the phone! She hasn't called me at all today but I certainly have no intention of calling her up. It may be pride speaking but I'm still pretty steamed up about being stood up though. "

A: " Well whether we like it or not, when you've been stood up, it is a form of rejection so its no surprise that you're angry about it. But there is in fact a way of dealing with this form of rejection. And you don't even have to stand and wait there for 30 minutes hoping for her to show."

Basically if she hasn't appeared for your date in 15 minutes, check your phone. Usually when women are late they will give you a call or leave a message on your voice mail. If she hasn't called you by 15 minutes to let you know that she is running late, there is only a small chance of her showing so you might as well just leave.

Now, when women stand you up you have to deal with it. I for one wouldn't stand for it so this is what I do. I turn the humiliating experience of being rejected around. Firstly, you do not call her on the day when she missed her date. This is to avoid looking desperate which is one of the most important keys to dating women. You also want to give her a chance to call you to apologize.

If she doesn't call you then the day after then you know that you've been stood up for real and you kick into dealing with rejection. What you need to do is actually call her and apologize for missing the date. Make up some believable excuse like “Work was crazy yesterday and I just kind of zoned out. I'm really sorry and I hope you'll let me take you out again to make it up to you.”

If the woman that you're dating is honest she will say “That's ok I didn't show either.”, but chances are that if she didn't call and she hasn't called she will lie and tell you that she was waiting there for you.

Do not call her on her lie!

Instead arrange for another date and continue to seduce her. This is the fun part and the best part of dealing with the rejection. After she has gotten fond of you and you've been charming enough to get her into your bed, dump her. Sleep with her first of course. Use her as a one night stand and punish her for standing you up after. Give her the night of her life and let her know that she can never have it again because she rejected you that first night. Payback is fun.

However, on the off chance that the girl was honest, you know that you have a shot so get another date together and carry on with your romance as planned!


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