Dating Advice On How To Start Dating Your Best Friend, Turn A Friendship Into A Relationship.

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Q: "I never thought it would happen to me so I really have no clue how to work on this one. One of my best pals is a girl and we get along really well. Recently though I have been having funny feelings about her and the more I see her and the more I think about it, I think that I would want to date her. She’s attractive both in looks and personalities and obviously we get on great together so why wouldn’t a relationship work out? The thing though is that I’m not sure how to go about telling her this."

A: " Another one of those, you never thought it would happen but it did and you’re totally unprepared for it. You want to know how to start dating your best friend. It’s not easy and in all honesty this is why I don’t have female friends. It’s always best to avoid situations like this by showing romantic interest in all women instead of falling in the friend category. This is because the longer you are in her friend category the less your chances of success will be."

If you truly want advice on dating your best friend then the best advice I can give to you now is: “Talk to her immediately.” Let your female friend know right now exactly how you feel about her because as I stated above, the longer you are in the friends category, the more you kill your chances with her. If you're thinking “what if she says no?” It doesn't matter! If you are rejected then the friendship will end, this is true.

However ending your friendship might actually be a good thing because it is simply unhealthy for your ego and self confidence to be around a woman who you are attracted to especially when the feeling is not mutual and she starts dating some one else. This will really kill your self confidence and even affect your performance with other women.

Dating your best friend can work though! For one thing, when you finally ask her out, she might be impressed that you had the guts to break something that is considered a taboo. She will also look at you in a whole new light because she knew you were attracted to her, but she never thought you'd actually ask her out.

So with all this in mind, my advice to you is that if you really want to start dating your best friend, you have to step up your game and step forward . If you are good friends with her other friends all the better! This is because women often take dating advice from their girl pals so if they like you, they're more likely to give her the green light to just go for it!

Its not easy but dating your best friend can be done. All the best! Hope my advice works and that your relationship works out. And if it doesn't, just remember to keep on dating and to stay away from the friends zone.


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