Rules And Tips To Dating Women

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In the dating game there are some things you need to know about dating women. Without this knowledge you'll either fail at the dating game, or get played by unscrupulous women. Neither are desired results especially when they can be easily avoided.

The first thing to know about dating women is that they are not stupid. Gone are the days where only men went out to pick up naïve and quiet little women. In this day and age men aren't the only ones who get to choose anymore. Women now have every right to choose who they want to go out with and more and more often they are acting on this right.

Another thing about dating women is that you really should try to avoid offending them. This is mainly because they have a memory of an elephant. So if you insult her, you're not likely to get away with it for the next 5 dates or so. Something to note is that men usually offend women by leering at them. I know they're gorgeous and all that but do watch your behavior.

Being a gentleman is also an important part of dating women. Small gestures like holding the door open or letting her pass first can impress. This is especially the case since chivalry seems dead in the world today. Also, remember to respect her personal space. You can try to get close to her to test the waters of course but be prepared to back off if she gives off any signs of discomfort.

Your ability to hold a conversation is a must have when dating women. And when I say this I don't just mean your ability to talk to women, but your ability to listen as well. When you have one person monopolizing the conversation, it makes for a bad date so as much as possible try to strike a balance. This way she gets to talk, and you show interest in what she's saying

And lastly, you need to know that women love attention. And yet when you date them, your job is to know how much attention to give them. Give them too little and they'll think that you're not interested. Give them too much and they'll think you're an easy catch and get fed up with you. Again you've got to be able to strike a balance. It takes some effort, but unfortunately it's all part of the dating game so you've got to get use to it.


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