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There are some things that I do on dates that get women looking at me funny. Is there a dating rule book out there that I'm not following?
Simple dating rules for men that will last you for a lifetime of dates with women.

The girl I like agreed to go out with me and I really want to show her a good time. What should I do on my first date? Do you have any first date tips or advice for me?
Read on to find simple answers to the common questions of what to do on a first date.

Is getting a romantic gift a good idea for a woman that I'm not in a serious relationship with?
An idea of romantic gifts to buy for your first and future dates.

Do you have any kind of advice or tips for me for this dating relationship that I'm in that I'm semi serious about?
My advice on things you can do to keep her interested in the dating relationship that you're in.

My Company is sending me away for over a week but I've just met this girl! How can I keep myself in her mind so that I'll have a shot when I get back?
Advice to keep the relationship going even if you are miles away.

How do I ask a girl out on a date and get her to say yes without seeming to desperate?
Just use this easy dating tip for all guys. You'll have her eating out of your hands in no time.

My entire night is ruined as soon as I get rejected by a woman, how do I deal with this? Is there a sure fire way to make sure I don't get rejected?
Rejection happens to the best of us and the best of us learn how to get over it. There's no use pondering over rejection.

I've been thinking about this blind dating thing and I have to admit that I'm rather curious about what it could be like. Is this a totally bad idea or an area that I can or should explore?
How to prepare and suggestions on what you can do to enjoy yourself on a blind date.

I lost a bet with a friend and I'm pissed! Not just because I went up to a girl and made a fool of myself, but he kept saying I told you so. How did he know that she wasn't interested at all?
If you had learnt how to read a woman's body language you wouldn't have been in that situation at all.

The girl's I go out with are complaining that I don't seem romantic enough? What constitutes a romantic date?
Relax and read my list of things to do for a romantic date. I'm sure you'll find something you can do.

I'm a singles guy who has decided to try out online dating but I don't know how to write my personal ad. Can you help?
All the help you need to write your singles personal ad is right here.

Online dating sounds interesting but I don't know enough about it to know if I want to try it out.
Find out all the information on online dating that you need to know right here.

I'm bored of dinner and drinks and possibly dating because of this! I'd love to take my date somewhere else but I never get any good date ideas.
Dating girls are fun but you can get bored when you keep doing the same things. Try this new idea for a date.

I've been out of the dating game for a while and I need some advice on how to get back in.
Here are some dating tips to make sure that you don't just stay on top of your game, but that you enjoy dating as well!

I've got a best friend who is a girl and recently I've been feeling this attraction but I don't know where to start with her.
Here's some immediate advice on how to start dating your best friend.

I'm going out for a first date with this woman I really like and its extremely important that I have a good first date. Got any tips?
Dating women is easy and orchestrating a good first date is even easier! Just follow these tips and rules.

I so need a refresher in dating. Got any advice on what I should and shouldn't do?
Just follow these dating tips and you won't just date women, you'll keep them coming back for more!

My date stood me up last night and I'm pissed! It's worse than being rejected! She could have just said no when I asked her out.
How to deal with being rejected and stood up by women.

Women are so confusing and they never seem to say what they mean. What kind of guy do I have to be to appear attractive to them?
Some clues as to what women really want in men and how to appear naturally attractive and appealing to the girls that you date.

I'm having problems dating women and my friends say it's not because I'm a bad guy but I just need to have more confidence with myself. Is this true?
Women are naturally attracted to men with self confidence. If you don't have this its no wonder that women are not automatically falling for you.

What I'm doing these days doesn't seem to work anymore. Women get offended easier and they seem to think that they deserve special treatment.
Dating women then and now are different and as with everything else there are rules to follow. Read up on the latest dating rules to get an idea of what to expect and what to do.

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