There Are A Ton Of Dating Tips But These Are The Most Basic If You Hope To Date Women And Keep Them Coming!

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Q: " I've been away working and I haven't dated in a while. My last date was an utter failure and I suspect that I was just doing all the wrong things. Could you just sort of refresh my mind on the things I should and shouldn't do on dates? Any kind of advice I could take to make my dates more memorable and enjoyable wouldn't go amiss either. "

A: "The first tip is to remember to never lie! It just makes things harder for yourself. Sure lying makes you sound impressive at first, but what if you’re successful? Then you go on your second date, you elaborate on that lie and it just keeps going. Will you still remember your original story by the time you are on your 5th date? Apart from that, lying is just a flat out bad idea because relationships build on lies just never work."

My second dating tip is to just be yourself on dates . That is one of the crucial things that both men and women always forget. Pretending that you are someone else will not work because you can only keep up the façade for so long. And besides, wouldn't you rather date women who liked you for who you were instead of who you are pretending to be?

The next thing you have to remember about dating women is that after the date, don't decide to tell your friends tall tales about how great and amazing your date was. You never know, it might just get back to her and she might not have appreciated the creative licensing you took.

Another tip to being a success at dating is to have a sense of humor . Women love dates who are capable of making them laugh. Laughter is good because it lowers your dates inhibitions and it creates positive vibes. This will not just make your date extremely enjoyable but it will leave the both of you with positive memories of how fun your date was and leave the opening for future dates.

And lastly, surprises are well and good. Sometimes great date ideas and other times very romantic. The trick here though is to only plan your surprise when you have an idea of what she will like. Surprising her on your first date can sometimes end up wrong because she will have to force herself to enjoy your surprise when you could have suggested and planned something that she really hated doing in the first place.


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