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Q: "I'm getting a little bored of my usual head to the pub to ask a girl out for a date. I'm also sick and tired of getting rejected when I ask them out for a date. Its not that I don't like dating women, its just not worth the amount of effort to get them interested sometimes especially when they make fun of me for acting desperate when I want to go out with them. They want me too! I know it! Do you have any tips or tricks a regular Joe like me can use when I'm asking a chick out for a date?"

A: "When asking for a date, here's a dating trick that I like to use that you can use too. I act uninterested and like I have better things to do. This follows the concept of how your pick up attempt should look nothing like a desperate pick up . This dating tip for guys follows the same concept. You asking for a date must seem anything like what it is, you asking her out for a date. "

Following this tip, when you're asking a girl for a date , don't set it up for a Friday or Saturday night for various reasons. Firstly, the odds of her being busy on those nights are higher so she could have reasons to turn you down, causing bad vibes. The other thing I don't like about asking a girl out on a date for the first time on a Friday or Saturday night is that it implies that I have nothing else to do. It makes me look desperate which is a huge mistake in my book.

So my dating tip here is to ask her out, but on a weeknight. It may seem unusual but there are many advantages to asking to meet her during the week. First you imply that you are busy or that you might be seeing other girls (once again showing that you are not desperate for a date). Secondly, there is a better chance that she will actually be free to see you on a weekday, and when she does, you would have turned a dull weeknight into a fun night for her which immediately scores you a lot of points .

Remember, the dating tip here for you guys is to act interested but not desperate so she can't drag you around on a leash like a love sick puppy. Follow this dating tip for guys and you'll actually find yourself attracting and dating more women that you can handle.


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