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Q: "I've been out of the dating game for a few years now and I'm not quite sure what to do. I suspect I have been doing it all wrong because I can't seem to get on a second date. I know that I'm a fairly average looking guy, I treat women well and I make a lot of effort during a date. So what is it that I'm doing wrong? Is there some dating rule book I can look into? Some complicated piece of information that I'm missing here? "

A: "Dating rules are very simple! It's the women who make it complicated that's all. Anyway to start of, the most important rule of dating is to act like yourself . Faking it is very unattractive to a woman especially if she sees right through it. Immediately you will come of as a liar and possibly even a cheat. A relationship based on dates like that never work out because sooner or later she will find the ‘real' you and chances are she'll either hate it, or hate the fact that you lied to her."

Another great dating rule is to make your date fun and memorable . Instead of chatting the whole time about your pasts try making your dates fun by having activities that will create memories of moments now. Like ice skating or watching a show. The other good thing about this rule is that you get to show her a little bit of yourself at a time so she stays intrigued and interested. This gives you a higher chance of going out with her again.

You should know this next simple rule but some people obviously need reminders. Never ever be a bore on a date. Yakking non-stop about something that she is not interested in will leave her with bad memories of wanting to run away screaming! Needless to say that isn't the reaction that you're looking for. A way to avoid this is to try to make your dates feel good by acting like you're interested in what they have to say . Women love talking anyway so that works out for both of you in the end.

And finally the dating rule to end all dating rules is to not appear too obsessed with her . Show interest but never show early on in a date that you are incredibly hot for her or that you are eager and desperate because you haven't been on a date for longer than you can count. This can and will backfire in 2 ways, she will either back away from you (who wants a desperate man anyway?) or take advantage of your obsession for her. So basically you have to remember that there's not suppose to be any groveling and you need to act (hopefully it won't be an act) that you date all the time and that it's second nature for your to be the charming gentleman that you are.

Just remember that attitude is extremely important when you are dating women. You want to have fun, you want to get the girl and it's a game you don't want to lose! If you've been rejected before and you're handling every date with a lousy attitude, things will only get worse. So put a smile on your face, work up a positive attitude about yourself and all these dating rules will fall into place.


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