Succeed In Dating Women With These 5 Simple Dating Rules

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Dating rules have been around for what seems to be forever. And yet some men appear to be oblivious to them. But what they don't seem to realize is that unless they follow these simple dating rules, they don't stand much of a chance against women at all. The following rules will give you an idea of what to expect from women, how to avoid being used by them, and they'll help you succeed in dating women successfully.

Rule 1: Have Confidence In Yourself

The first thing about dating women is that they are naturally attracted to men who are confident. Out of all the dating rules, this is the most important one of all and there are two things to remember about this rule. Firstly, even if you are not the most confident man on the planet at the moment, it doesn't matter. Confidence is something that you can build and it's up to you to decide if you want to improve on yourself and your self confidence, or sit there and wallow in your low self esteem. Number two, arrogance isn't self confidence. It's also extremely unattractive so keep this in mind.

Rule 2: Relax

The next important dating rule is to relax on your date. Even if it's your first date you need to keep your cool. Getting all excited and acting like a goofball won't impress her. Remember, your date should be fun so just try to enjoy yourself and don't worry too much about the outcome of the date. Worry too much about the second date is pointless when your first date might not even take off properly.

Rule 3: Be Humorous

Another popular trait when dating women is a good sense of humor. Any woman enjoys a fun date and if you're able to make her laugh and enjoy herself, it simply follows rule number 2. It's a good thing to make women laugh on dates because it creates a positive atmosphere and positive memories. This just means that she will be more receptive of you in the future.

Rule 4: Stay Busy

Making time for dates and women is probably fairly high on your list of priorities. But the dating rules dictate that you also need to have a life of your own outside the circle around the woman of your dreams. Part of the dating game is to make sure that you're never too available. If you are, you'll seem desperate and she'll lose interest in you very quickly. So stay busy, as much as possible try to avoid sitting at home with nothing better to do. It's okay to be too busy for a date sometimes, it just shows whoever you're dating that she is important to you, but she also needs to make an effort to keep your attention.

Rule 5: Forget The Past

Chances are everyone you meet has a history of a past but you need to be able to get over them and accept them for who they are now. If you are really interested in someone, just leave the past where it belongs, in the past. It's the best way to start a fresh relationship.


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