Dating Girls Is Fun But Ideas On What To Do On Dates Can Be A Headache. Try One Of The Many Date Ideas Thatís Both Fun And Inexpensive.

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Q: "I enjoy dating and Iíve definitely gone on a healthy number of dates. Iím also fairly successful at attracting women. Recently though Iíve been getting a bit bored of the ideas that Iíve come up with. Admittedly my ideas of dates revolve around dinner, drinks and movies. I guess Iím just asking, got something new I can try out?"

A: "Good date ideas are always hard to come by. What hasnít been done before? What would impress her? And sometimes more importantly, what wouldnít burn a hole in your pocket?"

When you're dating girls, a few things come to mind like how much fun you can have, how well you can get to know her and eventually how much that girl is worth and how much your dates will cost you.

Common date ideas are usually dinner and movies. Dinner is fine but a lot depends on the restaurant you choose. Dining is the safe dating option that allows you to meet up with women and if both of your are good conversationalists you will be able to learn more about one another and even gauge whether or not you would like to go out for a second date.

The other common date idea is going to the movies. This one is popular because its something to do and there's always some Ďgreat' movie to watch. I don't really like this idea because she might not like the movie of your choice and vice versa. Also you don't really get to communicate a lot in the cinema so in order to get to know her better you'd have to take her out before or after the movie for a meal or at least drinks. These additional things can cost a fair bit.

So what date ideas are there that are not too expensive but will allow both of you to have fun?

Well one of the latest tricks I discovered was that I could actually have a great time just by bringing the girl to a live comedy show . Admission is cheap and even if your date isn't too attractive you will end up having a good time. If she enjoys the show then all the better because it will show that you both enjoy the same things.

Apart from that, you can also learn a lot about her and her sense of humor . Most comedians will joke about a range of topics from politics to gender to race to religion and so on. Use her reaction to these jokes to gain useful information about the girl you are dating.

Out of the many date ideas I've heard I like this best because it's cheap and you can learn a lot about your date. You will also have shown her what a fun guy you can be and worse comes to worse and your date goes bad, at least you would have has some great laughs.


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