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Have you ever made a budget or a list of your expenditures and found “dating women” under that list? It wouldn't actually be surprising if you did that because dating women does tend to cost a bit of money. A normal date might consist of a meal, an entertaining activity and perhaps a snack to end it all. Think of it, your usual date ideas will consist of dinner, a movie and then maybe ice cream after that. And as a guy, you're expected to pay for all of it of course.

The thing is, there are ways of dating women without spending too much money. When you're more creative with your date ideas, you can have a cheap date that's still fun and successful. Here are just a few date ideas you can use to impress your date without spending a fortune.

  1. Renting A Movie
    You don't always have to watch a movie in the theater. In face with a decent home theater system and a clean and comfortable home, you can duplicate the cinematic experience. Just rent a good show, make some home made popcorn and dim the lights. The great thing about home made date ideas like this, is that you're in complete control of the atmosphere. You can make it as romantic as you want to be and you won't have to deal with loud and boisterous strangers in the cinema.

  2. Drinking Coffee
    Quaint coffee houses are sprouting like mushrooms these days. And even if there isn't one around your area, there will always be Starbucks. Lounging with your date at a coffee house is a great idea for a date simply because it's pure quality time. For one thing, you don't have anyone taking her attention away from you. And by simply talking over drinks you get to build a closer relationship with one another.

  3. Share A Sundae
    A trip to the ice cream parlor makes for a really simple yet fun date. Order something that you can customize and make together. Flirt over the different ice cream flavors and toppings. And after that you can even share your sweet dessert together.

  4. Go To The Park
    If there is a beautiful garden or park around your area maybe you can go for a walk. Take in the scenery while holding hands. Other things you can do in a park include walking your dog(s), riding bicycles together and even having a picnic.

  5. Take A Tour
    If she is new to the area then why not take her for a tour around the city? Taking a ride on a tourist bus doesn't cost too much. And who knows, you might learn something new about the very city that you live in.

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