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Dating is a complicated little game with its secret rules and codes. If you don't know what you're doing, it's fairly hard to win in this game. In this article I'm going to open your eyes to a few simple rules of dating as well as provide you with some dating advice to make your life easier.

Firstly, self grooming is important if you want to be successful at dating. I cannot stress this piece of dating advice enough. Women should love you for who you are this is true. But you would be much easier to love if you were cleaned up and smelling good instead of looking like you just came out of the jungle. Grooming yourself also helps your self confidence which in turn will increase your success at dating women.

The next piece of dating advice is to know where to look. It's a lot easier dating women who have a common interest in you. So for starters you could meet women at clubs or places of interest. The other thing is that you don't get dates by sitting at home all day. So get your butt of the couch and socialize. Check out places around your area where you're likely to meet women you'd like to date. Apart from clubs and places of interest, you can also try the local pub or coffee houses.

Enjoying yourself is also crucial to dating. Most guides and tips will give you dating advice on this so you know it to be true. The key to dating women successfully isn't about stressing out and overstretching yourself to impress them. It's about enjoying yourself and having a good time. When you accomplish this, she will in turn have an excellent date as well.

Something else to remember about the dating game is that you can never be too available. For some reason, women love the thrill of the chase. So my dating advice to you is to hold out when you can, and never seem too desperate when asking for a second date. In a sense the longer you make her wait, the more attracted she will be. But in order to make this work, your dates with her have to be special and memorable. When this happens she will be reminded of why she bothered waiting for you in the first place.

The final and most important piece of dating advice is to be fearless. This is especially important when it comes to rejection. Just keep in mind that getting rejected is a part and parcel of dating women and that it happens to the best of them. If you should get rejected the best way to deal with it is just to shrug it off. Walk away and continue to enjoy yourself. Don't swear at the woman who rejected you, instead give her the impression that she's the one who missed out on a good time and who knows, she could be the one approaching you later for a date when she sees what a good time you're having even without her.


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