Start Attracting Girls At The Laundromat With Cheesy But Effective Pick Up Lines!

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Q: "I’ve had my eye on this girl for quite a while now. She’s always at this Laundromat near my house and I always have this urge to go up and ask her out but I don’t really know how to. Put me in a coffee shop or a pub and I work just fine but a Laundromat? I’ve no clue where to start or how to work it…"

A: "There are tons of cheesy pick up lines you can use to pick up girls. You may think that cheesy lines mean bad but they don’t! For example, here’s a cheesy pick up line you can use to try to attract girls like that Laundromat girl you were talking about. Attracting girls is actually really easy to at the Laundromat because you can just pretend that you’re there to wash your clothes. Women won’t get all defensive or aggressive when you try to start chatting with them because they won’t think that you’re trying to pick her up, you’re just another person who is there washing their clothes. "

Now this is really cheesy but what you can try doing is to pretend like you're a helpless male. The trick here is to remember that women love to talk and they love to give advice! All you need is a basket of clothes and remember NOT to bring any detergent. Also, try not to show up with any pieces of clothing that are too disgusting looking.

All you need to do is set your basket near her, start digging through it and then exclaim “Aw crap, I forgot the detergent!” Some Laundromats do sell detergent so head over and start browsing. Start acting as if you're not sure which brand is good and then make your move. “Excuse me but they don't have my regular detergent here and I don't know which is good, got any suggestions?”

Keep the conversation going by asking her for advice on how to remove grass stains (if you have an item of clothing with grass stains on it all the better!). After that, try fumbling with your machine and then approaching her again with “Sorry to keep bothering you. This is a bit embarrassing but these machines are a little different from what I'm use to, could you give me a hand?”

All this seems really cheesy but they are pick up lines that work! You can start attracting girls by being helpless at a harmless thing such as laundry ! Start talking to her and asking for her advice on how much detergent to use, what temperature you should set the water at and so on.

Now to finish this great pick up technique off, ask her out for a date! “Thanks so much for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you and if you don't mind I'd love to pay you back by taking you out for dinner/drinks.”


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