How To Avoid The Greatest Fear In A Dating Relationship: A Cheating Girlfriend.

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Q: " Recently my buddy discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him and he had no clue at all. He's really down about it so I'm kind of wondering, how can you tell if your girlfriend is going to cheat on you? Are there signs I can look out for? And more importantly how can I avoid a cheating girlfriend because I definitely don't want to go through the crap that he is going through at the moment. "

A: " Having to constantly wonder whether your girlfriend is cheating on you just plain sucks. In order to avoid this you should look into dating someone who will most likely stay faithful. But at the same time in order to enjoy your relationship, there are things that you will have to do to maintain her interest and keep her from straying. "

Before you get serious with a woman it is probably best to know a little bit about her past. After all, people can try to change but some habits will remain the same. Things to look out for are whether she has ever cheated before or whether either of her parents have ever had an affair. If the answer for either is yes then it is possible (although not absolute) that she could possibly cheat on you in the future. This may be because she is familiar with the concept of cheating and doesn't see what's wrong with it. Of course past experiences like having been cheated on or having one of her parents cheat could also turn her off cheating because she knows how it's like to be the victim. Knowing how her mind works can help you avoid a cheating girlfriend.

The other way to keep women from cheating is to of course, treat her right. Communicate with her, spend time with her and don't give her any reason to mistreat you. If she adores you but you continuously shove her away then of course she is going to think that the relationship wasn't as good as the dating and she will very well cheat on you.

To avoid turning her into a cheating girlfriend you will also want to let her know just how much you adore her (if you do.) Obviously you enjoyed dating her and that's why you are currently in a relationship. If you have feelings for her let her know because otherwise she will think that you do not care about her at all. Be affectionate and let her know the reasons why you are being so nice. This is to avoid suspicions that you have done something wrong.

And finally, the best way to avoid a cheating girlfriend, is to make sure that the both of you are enjoying your relationship to the fullest! Women and men cheat when they are bored with what they currently have so keeping your dating relationship fresh is crucial to avoid cheating issues. While it is easy to settle down into a routine, mixing things up every once in a while with surprises can help keep the romance in and the possibly out cheating out.


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