Is It Considered A Relationship Problem When Your Girlfriend Is Caught Cheating On You? How Do You Handle Such A Problem?

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Q: " I just found out that while my girlfriend was away that she cheated on me. And she didn't even tell me this I found it out myself! She said that she was going to tell me but she didn't know how to without hurting me and that's why she didn't tell me yet. I'm really hurt but I still love her very much. She swears she is sorry and she won't do it again but I don't know if I can trust her again. What I do know is that I don't really want to let her go. What should I do? Should I dump her or try to hang on? "

A: " Well based on what you said I don't think that your current relationship is going to be able to get past this problem. Firstly you have not forgiven her and secondly, she couldn't be honest with you and instead she only said she was sorry after she was caught cheating! "

Relationship problems need to be worked out but cheating is a different story altogether. Were there signs of her being unhappy before this happened? Were you going through some problems? And more importantly, did she even have any reason to cheat on you?

I am of course assuming that you caught her cheating on you after the deed was done and not during. When you confronted her was she still seeing the guy? If she was then it's obvious that she isn't really that sorry and that what she wanted was a quick fling with the other guy but the solid relationship that she had with you. If this is the case then you should dump her straight away because if she can't value you and the relationship enough to be faithful, she isn't worthy of your love.

Its harsh man but it has to be done because there is no point at all of staying with someone who doesn't respect and value you. And even if you guys were having relationship problems before she cheated on you, that's no excuse for her to do what she did.

Honestly I say, dump her now! There are plenty of other women out there who are more worthy of your love and who will love you in return instead of insulting and hurting you the way this one did. As far as I'm concerned, women who are caught cheating aren't worth a dime in this world.


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