Problems With The Girls? Your Self Confidence Needs Work? Start Building Up Confidence And You'll Be Meeting Women In No Time.

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Q: "Hey there. I'm just your average guy. I think I'm pretty alright looking and I don't smell or anything. But I seem to be having this huge problem trying to get dates. Its like, I'll see a pretty girl at the pub and I'll take forever to go over to ask her out. But by the time I've done that some other dude has stolen my thunder! And even when I finally meet her she doesn't seem interested at all. A few of my friends have mentioned that I'm a little shy and that I don't exude self confidence. Is that my problem? How can I start building confidence with girls?"

A: "As you yourself have pointed out, self confidence is an important part of meeting up with women and getting dates. You realize that girls are attracted to men who are confident and its good that you recognize your shyness as a weakness. Now you may think that people are born with confidence, but in truth they are not. Confidence is either built, or faked. Always remember that confidence is often more of an act than actually reality. And don't worry, you too can get past your shyness and learn how to build self confidence."

Building confidence with girls is not something you learn overnight but it is a habit that you can cultivate through practice. Like most other things, you don't get confident immediately after learning how to do something. For example driving, when you first started you were probably nervous and you were more likely to wait longer at an intersection than actually needed. Now that you're more familiar with driving you have more confidence to beat the oncoming car when you would previously wait.

It is the same for dating and women. You have to slowly start building confidence with girls. The way to do this is simple. Try building your self confidence by walking up to a woman, any kind of women and talking to her. Whether she is someone you'd date or an old granny at the store. Just walk up to her and try to make some small talk about anything that you can think about. Do this every single day and the more you do it, the better you'll get at it. Slowly start progressing to meeting and talking with women who are more and more attractive.

This really helps build your confidence and soon you'll be confident enough to talk to some real lookers. But wait! Don't get ahead of yourself, take a breather and set up a date with a girl or woman who is less attractive. Your first time could even be your female friend. The point is to build your confidence up slowly. Remember that you must learn to walk before you can start running.

All this might sound incredibly simple and stupid but it really isn't. This exercise will help you slowly but surely build up your self confidence to start meeting and chatting with any girl of your choice. Just remember to take things one step at a time. I recommend that you start off with a girl who don't make you nervous or insecure and building your confidence with girls can only get better from there.

If you are still nervous of the prospect of chatting up to some random stranger then you can even consider online dating. It is even easier to start meeting women online because of the anonymity of the internet. Once you feel comfortable with chatting with people online and you've built enough confidence, move on to real people. Remember to give yourself a reasonable curve and to practice and you can and will build the self confidence to approach any girl or woman that you meet!


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