Breaking Up Your Relationship? Need Some Break Up Advice On What To Do? Your Guide On How To Handle Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend.

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Q:" Let me start of by saying that I've only been in this relationship for a year now. It started off great and that's why we decided to go steady. The last few months though have been terrible. We've been fighting over stupid things and I really feel like we're not compatible at all. Things are just going from bad to worse and I've had it. I get the feeling that she feels the same way and I could be imagining it but I think she wants to break up with me. What should I do? Should I try to make this work? Should I break up with her? Or should I just hang back and wait for the axe to fall?"

A:" It's not nice to be dumped so you're better of breaking up your relationship with her first. Keep in mind though that your girlfriend is also a person and that you should care for her feelings as well when you break up with her. "

Women are so predictable, that when you break up with them there are usually a few things that they could do. The kind of break up advice I'm going to give you should help prepare you for what is going to come , as well as give you some tips on how to deal with the situation.

When you break up with women she will have a few reactions, all of them emotional of course. The first thing she could want to do when you're trying to break away from your relationship is talk to you. This is one of the better reactions to a break up so indulge her. You may feel like salvaging the relationship after this talk because she just really didn't know how you felt and she is keen on making it work . That's fine. However if you have already tried talking to her before regarding your problems and she never took you seriously then, there is no point in talking to her now. Explain this to her in the best way possible.

There is also a chance that your girlfriend will throw a temper tantrum that will lead to crying when you tell her that you are breaking the relationship up. The break up advice I can offer you here is to try to stay as calm as possible . You have to try to be understanding of her situation because she may not have expected it so this is coming as a shock to her. You on the other hand have had time to think about breaking up with her in detail.

Also, chances are if she is reacting like this and you live together, you might have to deal with her throwing you out of the house along with your items. Let her do this because she obviously needs sometime to cool off and calm down . To prepare for this situation, I suggest you pack a small suitcase beforehand.

The third most common reaction that women give when you tell her that you are breaking up your relationship with her is the cold shoulder. Do not get angry at her over this because she could just be clamming up while trying to deal with all her anger or sadness inside. She could also be using this method to try to get you to feel bad and comfort her but don't fall for it! The break up advice for this scenario? Don't take the bait and let her figure things out for herself. It is also not advisable to talk to her friends because they will probably distort whatever you say anyway.


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