Start Meeting More Women Than Ever Just By Learning How To Read What Her Body Language Is Telling You.

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Q: "I'm the kind of guy who thinks that what a woman says is louder than what her body is telling me. I don't believe that just by learning how to read someone's body language that I can start meeting more women. And even if you peeps believe that body language is so important, how the heck am I suppose to know how to read her ‘body language' to figure out what she is trying to tell me anyway? "

A: "Body language is more important than you could ever dream. How the woman is reacting to you and how her body is position can show you a multitude of things. Just by observing a woman and learning to read her body language you can find out whether or not she is interested in you, whether or not you should approach her, how far you can go and sometimes, even what you can do to get her interested! Meeting women is made so much easier once you've know how to read their body language."

The thing is with a little bit of effort, anyone can read what her body language is trying to tell you. Haven't you ever heard of the phrase that actions speak louder than words? If and when she's interested her body language WILL display signs for you to see.

Her actions of interest in you include:

  • Winking at you from a distance is a huge obvious sign of her interest in you. If she winks at you while you're talking to her all the better!
  • The fixing, patting or smoothing her outfit to make herself look better.
  • A relaxed face with a big smile on it. Even better if she is showing both her upper and lower teeth.
  • The hem of her dress goes up to expose a little more leg. If you know how to read this particular sign then you know you've gotten lucky and you're probably going to get laid tonight so don't slack off now! Keep pushing it.
  • When she throws her hair over her shoulders or runs her hands through her hair. This particular body movement shows that she is relaxes and interested. (This can be done in one move or a series of movements).
  • Having her eye on you while she is doing other things such as talking with friends, dancing or having a drink is a huge sign of interest. If you haven't gone over to speak to her you'd better go now!
  • Touching you in the simplest of manners is also her way of showing her interest in you . When she is finding ways of touching you whether its your hand, your arm, shoulders, thigh, back, ANYTHING, her body language is screaming "I'm interested!" Take advantage of it.

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