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There is definitely something to learning how to read a woman's body language. This is because as soon as you recognize the signs and motions, you'll be able to understand her current mood. And if you're good you may even be able to tell her initial feelings towards you. Whether it's a woman you're interested in or just someone you're watching, being able to read and understand what a woman is saying via her body language is not just useful, it can also be quite amusing.

So are many reasons why reading body language will help you succeed with women. For starters you can avoid being the guy who gets rejected after trying earnestly. I'm sure you've laughed at men who have confidently walked up to women only to be rejected in a humiliating manner. Well if you learn how to understand and read the signs, you don't have to be that guy. You'll be able to tell whether a woman would be remotely interested in you before and during the courting period.

If you're looking at some woman in the corner of the room and you're wondering whether she's attracted in you or not, here is how you can tell. Is she making any kind of eye contact with you? The longer she holds your gaze the better! Also, learn to read what is her body saying? If her body is leaning towards you, you can read that as a sign that she is having positive thoughts about you.

An obvious sign that guys seem to miss is where her hands are. If a woman is holding her drink high up in front of her its bad. This is because her drink is acting as a ‘barrier' and she doesn't want you or any guy approaching her. Also, when you're approaching her are her hands clenched tightly? If they are then it's a bad sign. You can tell when a conversation with a woman is going well if her palms are open and doing a caressing or stroking motion.

Reading body language isn't something difficult to learn. In fact, you can even use your common sense to read and recognize the signs. For example, when you're trying to pick a girl up, the more open her posture is to you, the better your chances. If the girl you're chatting with started with a closed posture but moved on to an open one after talking with you, then you see that she is literally opening up to you and you're chances of getting a date has just improved.

Other signs that her body language is giving you the go signal:

  • Winking at you from a distance is a huge obvious sign of her interest in you. If she winks at you while you're talking to her all the better!
  • The fixing, patting or smoothing her outfit to make herself look better.
  • A relaxed face with a big smile on it. Even better if she is showing both her upper and lower teeth.
  • The hem of her dress goes up to expose a little more leg.
  • When she throws her hair over her shoulders or runs her hands through her hair. This particular body movement shows that she is relaxes and interested. (This can be done in one move or a series of movements)
  • Having her eye on you while she is doing other things such as talking with friends, dancing or having a drink is a huge sign of interest. If you haven't gone over to speak to her you'd better go now!
  • Touching you in the simplest of manners is also her way of showing her interest in you. When she is finding ways of touching you whether it's your hand, your arm, shoulders, thigh, back, ANYTHING, her body is showing interest in you.

Knowing how to read someone's body language is extremely useful. You should really keep your eyes open so that you'll know what's going on. The ability to predict and understand women via body language can really help you react better to their mood swings. and so that you can react to her mood swings. The other reason why reading body language is a good skill to acquire is because after you learn how to read it, you can understand it and apply it to yourself! So remember when you're body is speaking make sure you have an open posture, good eye contact and that you're standing tall next to the woman you're dating or hoping to date because you never know when they can read your body language too.


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