Bored Of Normal Dating? Try Going Out On Blind Dates! Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Date With Mystery Women.

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Q: " Someone recently noticed that I was a bit bored of casual dating and suggested that I head out on a blind date with a friend of his. Now my buddy here isn't the kind to play tricks on me so I know the girl has got to be pretty decent. However I've never been on blind dates before so I wouldn't know what to do. My bigger problem is that I don't know how she looks like, how would I know if I wanted to date her or not? I'll admit though that I am tempted to just try this blind dates thing out for fun if I knew what to do or what to expect. Got any tips?"

A: " Blind dates aren't something I'd always encourage because I tend to be choosy about whom I date. But if you're the adventurous kind who likes a bit of mystery then go ahead! I have heard stories about blind dates being really fun but it's really not something I care to try myself."

Preparing for a blind date is very simple. Just try to think of it as a regular date or as another form of dating women. To prepare for your date you need to have two things in mind. Firstly, try not to have any expectations. This is something that is a little difficult to do but remember that the more expectations you have the more disappointed you might end up . Don't expect to meet the woman of your dreams on a blind date, but don't conjure up an ugly Frankenstein in your mind either. The second thing is to prepare yourself mentally. Just go out with an open mind and who knows, you might enjoy your mystery date.

Even though your mutual friend can set up the date for you entirely, it is probably a good idea for you to make an effort to call her yourself and introduce yourself . Of course have the friend call the girl up ahead of time to let her know that you're going to call. When you call her up to confirm your date try to make small talk and show interest in getting to know her. This benefits you in 2 ways.

  • You'll be able to learn more about her for your own reference for the date later
  • It's always good to show a girl that you are interested in what she has to say

When you finally meet your blind date, remember to smile! Give her a warm and friendly greeting. The worse thing you can do on your blind date is to give an impression that you really didn't want to be there and that you're just doing your friend a favor. Don't kill the night before it's already begun!

During the blind date itself, do what you would normally do during dates . Ask her questions, be a good listener and hopefully you will have an interest in what she has to say. Because it is your first time meeting you don't want to get too personal meaning that you have to watch what you ask her, and watch what you have to say about yourself. The woman you're on a date with doesn't need to hear about how ‘well' your last relationship went. Oh, and incase you run out of things to talk about, you can always go back to talking about your mutual friend.

By the end of the date, it should be clear whether or not the two of you would like to see each other again, or want to beat up your mutual friend for even suggesting you go out on a date with each other. Usually if one person thought the date went well, then chances are that the other person thinks so as well . It's rare for one party to think one extreme while the other thinks the exact opposite.

So there you go, a guide to how to prepare, deal with and even survive blind dates! I might make it sound like a chore but it really isn't. Many good things can come out of blind dates. Even if you don't get a girlfriend, you might just have made a friend and if anything you would have actually experienced what a blind date feels like! Who knows, you could come to like it in which case blind dating is just another form of dating women.


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