Start Picking Up And Meeting Women By Using Bad Pick Up Lines!

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Q: " I haven't been very successful with my pick ups so I'm trying to refine my style of picking up women. I think that using pick up lines are still the best way to go although finding good pick up lines that work are unusually hard. I do see a lot of bad pick up lines floating around though but obviously they don't seem very useful. Do you have any good pick up lines or approaches I can use to start meeting women? "

A:" We've all heard and used some really bad and cheesy pick up lines before and most of the time we just try to forget that it ever happened because when you use a bad pick up line, chances are the woman you were tring to meet told you to go away. Did you know though that there is a new gimmick that you can try? Can you actually get girls by using all the bad pick up lines you've heard over the years? You actually can! You'll need more than just one bad cheesy pick up line to start meeting women though"

Its something fresh and the women you are trying to meet certainly don't expect it! Just walk up to a girl or tell the girl you're flirting with “ I just got a huge list of bad pick up lines from my friend over there. Can I try some of them on you?” or something along those lines. Then just rattle on your list of really bad, cheesy pick up lines. As long as she doesn't completely ignore you, you can just keep going “Well here's another one, and how about this one?”

With the sheer amount of bad pick up lines that you're tossing at her, she has got to find something that will amuse her. At least one or a few lines will get her laughing. Success! Keep the good mood going by asking her what are the worst lines a guy has every tried picking her up with or the bad pick up lines that she has heard.

After a while you'll definitely want to change the subject though and move the conversation along to more interesting topics because bad pick up lines are well, they're bad. But this just shows that with a little creativity, meeting women can be done with bad pick up lines! You just gotta know how to do it.


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