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Women are really funny sometimes and not to mention completely difficult to understand at other times. For example, it is common knowledge that the ‘bad boys' seem to be more successful at attracting women and that the nice guys always end up last. What does this tell us? That men need to turn into a complete jerks to attract women? Not exactly.

What men fail to realize is that women are naturally attracted to a challenge. So while she may like you for who you are, when you are too nice to her, she will get bored. So what's the obvious solution? Well for starters you need to stop showering her with gifts and attraction.

It's been proven that one of the best ways of attracting women is to act like you have no time for them. Let the girl whom you are dating know that you're actually a rather busy and important person and that you have other things to do besides entertain her. It's vital that she realizes that your world doesn't revolve around her. This ensures that she'll never start taking you for granted.

Something like this might sound a little dodgy, but it's something that women fall for all the time. And in order for you to maintain an attraction, you need to continuously provide women with a challenge. Part of this method of attracting women is to get her to compete for your time. She will be determined to get something that she cannot have. This way you get her to make the effort of seducing and attracting you away from all these other ‘activities'.

The crucial part of this technique is that when you are around her, you need to put in the effort. This method of attracting women only works if the time you spend with her is quality time. She has to have the best time of her life when she's with you. Your job at this point is to make her really enjoy being around you. Get her to love spending time with you and that's how you keep the attraction going. And that's why she's going to continue to want to be with you even when you ‘don't have time for her'.

And finally, part of this grand master plan of attraction, is to maintain a glimmer of hope. While you're letting her know that you're too busy, never make it final. In order to keep attracting women using this technique you have to let her think that there is a chance that someday she will be able to get your full attention and hold it.


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